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Building Services Courses

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Building Services CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • C-TEC

    A Guide to BS 8629: 2019 Evacuation Alert Systems


    An hour-long seminar that gives a detailed overview of BS 8629:2019 (the new Code of practice for the design ; installation ; commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems... Read more

  • Star Refrigeration Group

    Using waste energy from refrigeration for district heating using heat pumps

    Star Refrigeration Group

    Whether a facility is a stand-alone cold storage unit or part of a larger site with production processes; it is entirely normal that all heat from the refrigeration plant is discharged... Read more

  • Star Refrigeration Group

    Reducing carbon emissions of a refrigeration plant through data collection and analysis

    Star Refrigeration Group

    It is easier than ever to collect data and our mountain of data is growing rapidly. However; if it isn’t looked at; understood and actioned then it isn’t providing any value. How... Read more

  • Star Refrigeration Group

    The Journey To Energy Efficient Temperature Controlled Storage

    Star Refrigeration Group

    The temperature controlled storage industry is energy intensive and energy costs are rising. There is an urging need to achieve carbon emission reductions to meet the UK goal of... Read more

  • Schneider Electric Ltd

    The Challenges of Switching Transients in Vacuum Circuit Breakers

    Schneider Electric Ltd

    With the move from SF6 to Vacuum circuit breaker technology; transient over voltages is a growing problem due to increased switching such as black starts and automated switching. This... Read more

  • Purified Air Ltd

    Indoor Air Quality Control

    Purified Air Ltd

    This seminar discusses the removal of particulate; Virus and Bacteria from indoor environments with UVGI technology.

    Read more
  • Crown Stone Group

    Pitsafe: Keeping you safe; dry and moving

    Crown Stone Group

    Pitsafe is an innovative waterproofing methodology designed specifically with lift pits in mind. This course will help you understand how lift pits can be effectively waterproofed and... Read more

  • Stiebel Eltron UK Ltd

    Low carbon; space saving hot water solutions

    Stiebel Eltron UK Ltd

    In this presentation we cover the basics on instantaneous water heater solutions and share innovative ways to apply them. Learn from our experience and research on how you can save... Read more

  • ACO Water Management

    Food Pathogens, Hygienic Drainage Selection & Hygienic Management

    ACO Water Management

    This seminar raises awareness of the presence of pathogens in food production environments and highlights that some pathogens have significantly more serious consequences than others. Read more

  • Aquatronic Group Management PLC (AGM PLC)

    Seminar No.6 Waste Water Pumping

    Aquatronic Group Management PLC (AGM PLC)

    This CPD is an overview of the pumping equipment for wastewater discharge into the sewer. We explain the various types and applications of the waste water pumps; their selection and... Read more


    Natural Refrigerant Heatpumps and District Heating


    This presentation walks you through why you should consider natural refrigerants; why heatpumps are set to take off in the UK due to the decarbonisation of heating networks. We will... Read more

  • Fire Protection Ltd

    Installation Instructions For Flamebar EN-1366 Fire Resistant Ductwork

    Fire Protection Ltd

    Instructions on the installation of flamebar bw11 and bw18 fire resisting ductwork systems.

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