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Landscaping & Gardening Courses

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Landscaping & Gardening CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Asphalt Group

    The Economic And Environmental Advantages Of Using Asphalt Reinforcement

    Asphalt Group

    The seminar will provide a thorough understanding of asphalt reinforcement, how to specify and install the product and extend the life of trafficked areas. It will cover the economic... Read more

  • Germinal GB Ltd

    How To Get The Best From Amenity Grass Seed Mixtures

    Germinal GB Ltd

    A look at the requirements and conditions for successful germination and establishment of amenity grass mixtures and the logic behind mixture composition.

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  • Germinal GB Ltd

    Establishing And Maintaining Wildflowers

    Germinal GB Ltd

    An in depth look at the current issues surrounding wildflower mixtures in the landscape sector. Which mixtures to specify and where. How to establish and maintain the mixtures.

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  • Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control

    A Guide To Sustainable Soil Erosion, Stabilisation And Drainage Materials And Their Applications

    Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control

    This presentation will educate on the use of soil stabilisation and erosion control products to provide solutions for various project types.

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  • Gripple Ltd

    Ground Anchoring Systems

    Gripple Ltd

    An overview of ground anchor systems and their applications

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  • Wilo UK

    A Guide To Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    Wilo UK

    Seminar explains the meaning of rainwater harvesting, environmental considerations, options available, hygiene and usage, design issues and relevant regulations and standards. Includes... Read more

  • Wilo UK

    The Benefits Of High Efficiency Pumping

    Wilo UK

    Seminar covers such issues as environmental considerations, energy costs, achieving class ?a? classification, hydraulic and motor efficiency, capital cost returns and pump specifying... Read more

  • Vastern Timber Company Ltd

    Thermally Modified Hardwoods in Construction

    Vastern Timber Company Ltd

    Thermally modified timber is becoming increasingly popular in the UK construction industry. Ideal for cladding; decking and external joinery this type of product is set to grow its... Read more

  • Bright Green

    Green Walls

    Bright Green

    This seminar reviews the history and benefits of green walls both live and artificial. It provides guidance on how to specify green walls.

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  • Eco Control Solutions

    Invasive Weeds - Identification; Eradication & Control

    Eco Control Solutions

    Seminar explains how to identify Japanese Knotweed; Giant Hogweed and Ragwort. Covers relevant regulations and standards; Health & Safety implications; environmental issues;... Read more

  • Geobear

    Liquid Polymer Injection - A Cutting Edge Method For Ground Improvement


    Seminar discusses the methodology relating to polymer injection systems to re-level & stabilise concrete slabs and deep injection soil stabilisation for domestic and industrial... Read more

  • Wilo UK

    Surge Protection - Designing Out Hydraulic Shock

    Wilo UK

    Seminar discusses the meaning of hydraulic shock, how it is caused, and the consequences of hydraulic shock and how to design out and prevent it. Includes case studies.

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