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Manufacturing CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Gravitas International

    FlexMSE Vegetated Wall Systems

    Gravitas International

    FlexMSE is a patented building system which allows for flexible; permanent; green solutions for slope stabilisation; erosion control; retention/detention; and waterway installations. Read more

  • Protexin

    Human microbiota and beneficial bacteria in paediatric research


    Imbalance of natural gut microbiota (dysbiosis); has recently been linked to many conditions. Use of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) was successful as alternative or adjunct treatment... Read more

  • Wilson Power Solutions

    Transformer Specifications and their Applications - Your 8 Step Guide to Success

    Wilson Power Solutions

    Transformer specifications are crucial for the timely and cost effective delivery of projects. Alarmingly over three quarters of specifications received by manufacturers lack important... Read more

  • Eco-Airvent

    BB101 2017 – Guidelines On Ventilation; Thermal Comfort & Indoor Air Quality In Schools.


    Update for Building Bulletin BB101 2017 from existing legislation explaining differences and main points to consider when designing ventilation systems for education.

    Read more
  • Gravitas International

    Endotherm - Energy Saving Water Treatment Additive

    Gravitas International

    Endotherm is an energy saving water treatment additive designed for any wet CH system. Endotherm increases the efficiency of CH systems; reducing energy bills by up to 15%. It is... Read more

  • Natures Aid

    Nutritional Supplements for the Aging Population and for Children

    Natures Aid

    This presentation will look at the Cardiovascular System; the Immune System and the Inflammatory Response and some of the supplements which can support them. Looking at the research... Read more

  • Boulder Developments

    SuperFOIL Multifoil Insulation

    Boulder Developments

    This course is designed to fully inform specifiers on the SuperFOIL product range and the key benefits in choosing this effective multi-foil insulation. This course explores how heat... Read more

  • Raytec

    Specifying Light for Smarter Surveillance


    This training course explains how to specify LED lighting to improve the performance of any video surveillance system at night and deliver more intelligent night-time surveillance.

    Read more
  • Wolf Systems

    easi-joist – metalweb joist system

    Wolf Systems

    A guide to the easi-joist metalweb joist system; to give an understanding of the product and highlighting the advantages and benefits of the metalweb joist over other joist systems. Read more

  • Thornton & Ross

    Tissue viability and emollients

    Thornton & Ross

    Self-directed educational dermatology module for healthcare professionals explaining the importance of skin care in tissue viability and wound care.

    Read more
  • Universal Global Corporation

    Lunch and Learn: Benefits of Overhead Power

    Universal Global Corporation

    Demonstrating the value of overhead power distribution over traditional RPP Cable. Showcasing how using Busbar technology can help to effectively reduce installation times and reduce... Read more

  • Concrete Canvas

    An Introduction To Concrete Canvas

    Concrete Canvas

    This presentation will explain the Concrete Canvas technology and its typical properties, followed by Concrete Canvas case studies of the variety of applications demonstrating how this... Read more

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