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Manufacturing CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Installation Materials Division

    Surge Protection

    Installation Materials Division

    This seminar will provide: A Guide to BS7671:2008 – Amendment 1 2011 and Surge Protection Devices (SPDs).

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  • Comnet Europe

    Introduction to Ethernet & IP

    Comnet Europe

    An introduction to the fundamentals of Ethernet & IP networks; how their addressing systems operate and the connection between them. This 1 hour presentation will benefit attendees... Read more

  • Installation Materials Division

    Antimicrobial UPVC Cable Containment

    Installation Materials Division

    This seminar will provide an understanding of antimicrobial product manufacture and uses and an insight into UPVC cable containment products commonly manufactured using antimicrobial... Read more

  • British Valve and Actuator Association

    Safety Valves

    British Valve and Actuator Association

    This 1-day course is designed as a comprehensive guide to safety valves. This course explains how safety valves function and how to size and select the correct valve for given duties... Read more

  • Fike Safety Technology

    Video Image Fire and Smoke Detection

    Fike Safety Technology

    Many of today’s modern large structures may not have adequate fire protection. Atriums; open areas and high ceilings make the use of traditional detection methods impractical;... Read more

  • Comnet Europe

    Principles of Fiber Transmission

    Comnet Europe

    An introduction to optical fiber and systems. This 1 hour presentation will benefit attendees with little or no knowledge of optical fiber and associated technology.

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  • Aquatronic Group Management PLC (AGM PLC)

    A Guide to Water Booster Sets

    Aquatronic Group Management PLC (AGM PLC)

    This CPD seminar covers the main criteria to be aware of and some of the challenges associated with selecting and specifying a water booster set for today’s modern built... Read more

  • Dinak UK

    Principles; Regulations and Evolution of Chimneys

    Dinak UK

    Presentation and training session introducing the principles of how chimney and flue systems work. The different types of systems; their applications and the regulations governing... Read more

  • Arnold Laver and Co

    Fire Door Safety

    Arnold Laver and Co

    This seminar provides an overview of fire doors; showing what makes-up a fire door through to testing; certification and the appropriate regulations. We talk through the door... Read more

  • Fike Safety Technology

    Introduction to Fire Suppression

    Fike Safety Technology

    This Introduction to Fire Suppression CPD looks into the history of fire suppression and an understanding of how fires develop including the classification of fire types. It highlights... Read more

  • Selux

    Smart City Exterior Lighting


    A one hour lunchtime presentation for architects and lighting professionals covering the drivers behind the Smart City movement and what it will mean for architects and lighting... Read more

  • Mitsubishi Electric

    R32 & F-Gas Phasedown

    Mitsubishi Electric

    A look at the implications for building services of new refrigerants and the phasedown of gases with high global warming potential – including design considerations.

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