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Manufacturing CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • SPX Cooling Technologies

    Cooling Tower Siting

    SPX Cooling Technologies

    This seminar reviews the factors that affect the siting and installation of Cooling Towers and includes recirculation and interference; air restrictions; installation on steelwork or... Read more

  • SPX Cooling Technologies

    Specification Myths

    SPX Cooling Technologies

    This seminar will dispel common myths seen in cooling tower specifications and addresses Design Engineers in the HVAC industry.

    Read more
  • Mitsubishi Electric

    City Multi Hybrid Variable Refrigerant Flow Training

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Set to rival traditional heating and cooling the new HVRF system delivers optimum comfort and efficiency. Using an innovative combination of unique 2 pipe technology and water to... Read more

  • FP McCann

    Precast Concrete Crosswall Construction

    FP McCann

    This seminar provides a clear understanding of how factory engineered Precast Concrete Crosswall Construction is designed; engineered; manufactured and erected on site to form various... Read more

  • Exodraft

    Mechanical Chimney Draught and the role of the flue in maintaining energy efficiency


    This seminar discusses the role of a chimney in a building and the outside influences that can affect chimney draught.

    Read more
  • Goplastic Ltd

    The Economic Value of Recycled Products

    Goplastic Ltd

    The content will cover the following:

    • Considerations & Costs
    • Benefits of recycled products What is being recycled?
    • Whole life... Read more

  • Johnson Controls

    Open and closed managed protocols explained

    Johnson Controls

    This CPD session will provide a detailed overview of the flexibility of addressable systems design and the advantages of a protocol controlled system. Learners will developed a detailed... Read more

  • Johnson Controls

    One Building One System

    Johnson Controls

    This CPD session will provide a detailed overview of the concept of the Internet of Things and how devices for the security and fire protection of a building can be linked together using a... Read more
  • Ancon Ltd

    Designing for Joints in Structural Concrete

    Ancon Ltd

    Seminar for:
    • Replacing lapped joints & projecting starter bars using reinforcement continuity systems
    • Selection, performance and testing of rebar couplers Read more

  • Safetyflex Barriers

    The Next Generation of Crash Rated Bollards; Crash Fence’s and Street Furniture

    Safetyflex Barriers

    This event will show how Safetyflex are different to traditional bollards solutions offering a more aesthetic solution in the public realm. How this can be incorporated in their... Read more

  • Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association

    Guidance for Snow Loading on Cladding

    Metal Cladding & Roofing Manufacturers Association

    Heavy snow falls can result in damage to roofs and their supporting structures. Good building design in terms of resistance to snow loading starts with the correct specification of the... Read more

  • Robert Bosch Limited - Security Systems division

    Securing Your Security System

    Robert Bosch Limited - Security Systems division

    This seminar covers data security and how to ensure security systems can be protected. It will make consultants aware of data security threats and technologies available to mitigate the... Read more

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