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Construction Sector Courses

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Construction Sub-Sectors

Construction CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Wind Turbine Gearbox Technology

    The British Gear Association (BGA)

    The benefits of attending this course include: Gaining increased confidence in diagnosing gearbox failure modes; interpreting condition monitoring data and appreciating potential... Read more

  • iHASCO

    Anti-Bribery Training


    This Anti-Bribery Course aims to raise awareness. It explains the four offences that can be committed under The Bribery Act. And it looks at the fine line between gifts and bribes –... Read more

  • iHASCO

    Ladder Safety Training


    You don’t need to be formally qualified to use a ladder; but you do have to be competent. This Ladder Safety Course has been created to help strengthen the necessary skills and... Read more

  • Scolmore International

    Downlights and testing for fire ratings

    Scolmore International

    An introduction to using Downlights in domestic settings looking at methods of determining their resistance to the spread of fire. With reference to building regulations and fire... Read more

  • Legrand Electric Ltd

    Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Efficient Energy Distribution; Management & Data Centres

    Legrand Electric Ltd

    This seminar covers the Importance of Energy Efficiency; Energy Efficiency Carrot & Stick (Legislation & Incentives); Standardisation (Regulations & Standards); Additional... Read more

  • 3M

    Ceramic Sand Control for Increasing Well Productivity


    Sand control is a constant problem in soft or weak geological formations. Thousands of feet downhole; formation sand can choke oil or gas production – and if it isn’t... Read more

  • 3M

    Innovative Materials for Increasing Torque Capacity and Safety Factor


    Especially within the automotive industry; there is a general trend toward compact; lightweight designs that nevertheless must be highly reliable. The demand for maximum power density;... Read more

  • 3M

    Innovative Materials for Vehicle Light Weighting Applications


    Consumer and government pressure for lower carbon emissions; increased vehicle performance and comfort has led to the development of a number of innovative vehicle weight reducing... Read more

  • British Valve and Actuator Association

    Introduction to Control Valves

    British Valve and Actuator Association

    This course is designed as a comprehensive guide to Control Valves. Engineers and technicians attending will gain an invaluable insight into control valve construction; installation;... Read more

  • ABB

    MV Protection Applications - Differential Protection


    This seminar provides the fundamental knowledge of Differential Protection for electrical equipment in Distribution Networks. This includes the two main types of differential... Read more

  • AEME

    Kitchen Extract Cleaning


    This course is designed to ensure those taking part are fully compliant with the BESA TR19 standards for Kitchen Extract Cleaning to comply with insurance requirements; EC582:2004 and... Read more

  • Virtual College

    An Introduction to GDPR

    Virtual College

    On the 25th May 2018; the UK will adopt a new piece of legislation known as the EU General Data Protection Regulation; or GDPR. This legislation the UK has chosen to adopt in full will... Read more

More information about Construction

The construction industry contributed £103 billion to the economy in 2014, which equates to 6.5% of the UK total. The industry employs over 2.1 million people, an impressive 6.3% of total employment. Construction is an extremely large industry, complex and diverse, covering a wide range of activities including house-builders, commercial property developers, designers & architects, materials producers, technicians, specifiers, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors and consultants (, No: 01432, 6 Aug 2015).

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills UK Construction Economic Analysis Report (July, 2013) states that the construction industry is one of the largest sectors in the UK but is significantly more fragmented than its main European competitors. Major factors that are creating change in the sector include the ongoing movement towards a globalised market, demand for sustainable development and the technological growth of emerging economies.

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