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Washroom Technologies Courses

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Washroom Technologies CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Broen Valves

    Intelligent Flow Solution For A Range Of Applications Including Laboratory Design

    Broen Valves

    This seminar explains the specification requirements in order to achieve an approved and tested safe working environment incorporating the correct bs & en standards required for a... Read more

  • Cistermiser

    An Introduction To Efficient And Hygienic Washroom Management


    Seminar covers best practice in achieving energy and water savings for urinal systems. Includes explanations of urinal flush control valves and cistern fed, mains fed and waterless... Read more

  • Rinnai UK

    Energy Efficient On-Demand Water Heating

    Rinnai UK

    Seminar raises awareness and understanding of on-demand, continuous flow water heating techniques and applications for residential and non-residential buildings. Explains the working... Read more

  • Rinnai UK

    Continuous Flow Water Heater Appreciation

    Rinnai UK

    This training course is designed to give engineers, specifiers & installers an understanding of continuous flow technology. Covers the principles of continuous flow over standard... Read more

  • Rinnai UK

    Understanding Of L8 With Continuous Flow DHW Systems

    Rinnai UK

    What l8 covers, legionella what it is, its prevention and how a continuous flow system helps with this

    Read more
  • Rinnai UK

    Continuous Flow Water Heating System Sizing And Design

    Rinnai UK

    This training course is designed to give a good understanding of the parameters for sizing a continuous flow domestic hot water system as well as fundamental system design

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  • FloControl

    Pressure Independent Automatic Balancing & 2-Port Modulating Control Valves


    An integrated approach. This seminar explains the background to methods used to balance Hydronic systems and the benefits of dynamic balancing. Covers the features and benefits of... Read more

  • Keraflo Ltd

    Backflow Prevention To Comply With Water Regulations

    Keraflo Ltd

    The current regulations are more onerous than they appear. This seminar provides an explanation of the regulations and the Law; backflow and back siphonage and air gaps and discusses... Read more

  • Waterscan

    Sustainable Water Products - An introduction to water recycling technology


    Water is increasingly recognised as the next big global environmental challenge. Incorporating water sustainability into our built environment can contribute massively to addressing... Read more

  • Pegler Yorkshire

    An Introduction To Taps & Mixers

    Pegler Yorkshire

    Provides an understanding of plumbing systems within commercial and domestic settings; explains the importance of correct selection and covers relevant standards and regulations.

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  • Pegler Yorkshire

    Central Heating Module

    Pegler Yorkshire

    Explains plumbing and heating systems; necessary controls and operation; and covers relevant standards and regulations.

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  • Pegler Yorkshire

    Commissioning Module

    Pegler Yorkshire

    Module takes a simple look at how commissioning valves are used and the differences between them. It also looks at installation and how static commissioning is sued to balance a... Read more

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