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Schools & Universities CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • London Bubble Theatre Company

    We Need to Act On - Creating Youth Led Theatre

    London Bubble Theatre Company

    This is a one day course that teaches creative ways to work with issues of direct concern to young people.

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  • British Cambridge College

    Renewable Energy

    British Cambridge College

    The Renewable Energy Training Course provides learners an introduction to renewable energy. RE is part of sustainable development and individuals involved in RE can contribute to... Read more

  • Envigo

    Genetic toxicology: is it still relevant or even more critical?


    This on-demand webinar; focusing on the science of genetic toxicology; presented by Brian Burlinson; principal Scientist and genetic toxicology expert; covers the background of... Read more

  • Envigo

    Immunology: Worth all the hype? You bet it is.


    This webinar shows a range of immunology-based methods that can be used either for immune-stimulatory or immune-suppressive products. You will discover why immune evaluations are an... Read more

  • Envigo

    Respiratory disease animal models: Overcoming challenges to support successful lead compound nomination


    This webinar shares the methodology; biomarkers and functional end points behind Envigo’s capabilities ranging from the lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced PK/PD model to the more... Read more

  • Envigo

    Are your study datasets SEND compliant?


    This webinar covers the origins of SEND and discusses the challenges of a SEND implementation. You will review SEND format origin and FDA adoption. Then you will learn about the... Read more

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    Managerial Finance

    The London School of Economics and Political Science

    This Managerial Finance course; in essence a “Finance for non-Financial Managers” course; will provide students with a grounding and practical understanding in key financial areas;... Read more

  • University of Leeds

    Causes of Human Disease: Exploring Cancer and Genetic Disease

    University of Leeds

    A free course that examines the genetic basis of cancer and genetic diseases. This includes a focus on DNA; genes and proteins; how mistakes are made; and how this can lead to human... Read more

  • University of Manchester

    Introduction to Cluster Analysis

    University of Manchester

    The course covers cluster analysis concepts and methods in SPSS. It is aimed at those with an interest in developing practical skills to implement clustering techniques and those with... Read more

  • University of Manchester

    Introduction to STATA

    University of Manchester

    The course provides an introductory training in Stata; a statistical package increasingly used for social research data analysis which has powerful data manipulation procedures and... Read more

  • University of Manchester

    Introduction to Data Analysis 2

    University of Manchester

    This course provides an introduction to the theory and methods of quantitative data analysis of relationships between variables; focussing on the techniques of Chi-square tests;... Read more

  • University of Manchester

    NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

    University of Manchester

    This course introduces NVivo for data management. Those attending the training session will have access to data sets for practical sessions and can also bring their own data to use in... Read more

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