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Electricity & Power Courses

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Electricity & Power CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Red Engineering Design Ltd

    Energy Audits: Turning ESOS Into An Opportunity

    Red Engineering Design Ltd

    This seminar explains the process, who qualifies, what is required and the time scales. It offers advice on how energy audits can address these requirements and provide the ideal route... Read more

  • AVK | SEG ( UK) LTD

    Critical Power Solutions: Knowledge Base

    AVK | SEG ( UK) LTD

    A concise; yet comprehensive seminar providing valuable insight into the application of standby diesel generators; UPS systems and batteries to protect and guarantee electrical... Read more

  • Red Engineering Design Ltd

    An Overview of the Correct Approach to CHP

    Red Engineering Design Ltd

    Using the experience of Red engineers in the industry this presentation offers a practical overview of how to make a CHP installation work successfully in all situations and to address... Read more

  • Cylon Controls

    Bacnet - Right Integration At Right Level

    Cylon Controls

    Bacnet is now the European and international standard for building integration. This seminar briefs attendees on the relevance of the bacnet standard and the benefits it can bring in... Read more

  • Certsure LLP

    Fire Alarm Design and Certification - Fundamentals

    Certsure LLP

    This course looks at Fundamentals of BS 5839 Parts 1 & 6 providing understanding of legislation and standards that relate to fire detection and fire alarm systems along with the... Read more

  • Certsure LLP

    Fire Detection & Fire Alarms Systems - Installation

    Certsure LLP

    This course provides an understanding of the installation process of fire detection and fire alarms systems to BS 5839 1:2013. And be able to complete to installations for non-domestic... Read more

  • Siemens Controlled Products

    Considerations for Low Voltage Motor Control

    Siemens Controlled Products

    Design criteria associated with a Low Voltage Motor Control Centre: these range from Network planning (IEC 60909) Type Testing (IEC 61439:2) integration of functional safety which... Read more

  • Siemens Low Voltage

    Network Planning: Discrimination and back up

    Siemens Low Voltage

    Seminar provides an overview of the principles to be considered when designing an electrical network to offer the maximum level of availability. The presentation covers discrimination,... Read more

  • Certsure LLP

    Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems: Commissioning

    Certsure LLP

    This module provides an understanding of the commissioning process of fire detection and fire alarms systems to BS 5839 1:2013. And be able to commission installations for non domestic... Read more

  • ABB

    Transformer Applications & Eco Directive Cast Resin & Oil Distribution Transformers


    The aim of this presentation is to provide the modern engineers with sufficient knowledge for them to be aware of the basics and essentials of transformer applications especially in... Read more

  • SPX Cooling Technologies

    Cooling Tower Water Quality

    SPX Cooling Technologies

    This seminar explains the importance of water quality for cooling tower operations and covers inter alia water types; environmental issues; corrosion; biological growth and... Read more

  • SPX Cooling Technologies

    Counterflow vs Crossflow Myths

    SPX Cooling Technologies

    This seminar review major features applicable to counterflow and crossflow designs and dispels the myths that surround these design considerations..

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