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Energy Sub-Sectors

Energy CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Daikin Airconditioning UK

    F-Gas Regulations And R32 Refrigerant

    Daikin Airconditioning UK

    This is a seminar outlining the background to the F-gas regulations. To discuss the 2015 changes. To consider R32 – today’s refrigerant.

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  • Eaton Electric Ltd

    The impact of the ErP directive on electrical switchgear and ensuring compliance using variable speed drives

    Eaton Electric Ltd

    This seminar is all about the impact of the ErP Directive on electrical switchgear and ensuring compliance; particularly with the use of VSD drives. The opportunity to learn more about... Read more

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Wear and Failure Recognition

    The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This seminar will provide Delegates with an insight into the appearance and underlying causes of gear failure modes. It provides gear manufacturers and users with the necessary skills... Read more

  • Grundfos Pumps Ltd

    Need to get pumped up about District Energy?

    Grundfos Pumps Ltd

    Building services engineers are becoming increasingly involved in a wider range of areas that are outside their traditional remit. This includes being able to understand and specify... Read more

  • Eaton Electric Ltd

    Emergency Voice Communication Systems Features; benefits; legislation and topologies

    Eaton Electric Ltd

    You’re in a burning building; how do you get out? This seminar covers the role of Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS) and the problems they solve. This seminar is important... Read more

  • Eaton Electric Ltd

    PAVA (Public Address/Voice Alarm) systems and their applications

    Eaton Electric Ltd

    Following this presentation participants will know the different options for evacuation scenarios with sound. Learners will develop a level of understanding as to how to select the... Read more

  • European Energy Centre

    Project Management

    European Energy Centre

    ECT’s two-day Project Management course teaches core principles and advanced topics for individuals and organisations seeking a single-tier course. This course covers all the key... Read more

  • Nexans Logistics

    The Flexible World of Rubber Cables

    Nexans Logistics

    This course is designed to teach participants about the different types of rubber cables available in the market today and to their application. It provides a brief overview of each... Read more

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Measurement

    The British Gear Association (BGA)

    This training-event is for engineers and manufacturers (aerospace and automotive) involved in measuring processes – in inspection or manufacturing or design/concession work... Read more

  • Trend Control Systems

    Lighting Controls Simplified (Ex-Or by Honeywell)

    Trend Control Systems

    This course will help participants to understand the basics of lighting control whilst leaving them in a better position to translate their requirements into a level of luminance... Read more

  • AF Switchgear Ltd

    LV Switchgear Design to BS EN 61439 – Type Tests

    AF Switchgear Ltd

    Implications of LV Switchgear Type Tests. To better understand the LV Switchgear design and verification process and the implications on cost from over specification

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  • AF Switchgear Ltd

    LV Switchgear Design to BS EN 61439 – Forms of separation

    AF Switchgear Ltd

    Implications of LV Switchgear Forms of Separation. To better understand the LV Switchgear Forms of Separation and their implications on personnel/business risk and equipment cost.

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More information about Energy

The energy sector is a highly innovative and expansive industry with a sustained focus for alternative power sources, renewable energy solutions and the balance between growing energy demands with local global environment challenges. The UK energy sector employs over 680,000 in a varied array of professions, from oil & gas engineers to nuclear scientists. EU Skills Research states the UK will need to employ another 200,000 people by 2023 to keep up with industry growth and demand.

Over the last 10 years, the UK has made a transition from being a net exporter of energy to having more than 25% of UK energy now imported. The main energy sources for the UK are approximated as Natural Gas & Oil (41%), Coal (31%), Nuclear (18%), Renewables (9%) and other (1%).

Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy uses the natural environment to make electricity. Renewable energies include include wind, wave, hydro, biomass and solar power. Renewable energy technologies produce approximately 9% of the UK’s electricity, and EU targets mean that this is likely to increase to 30% by 2020. Renewable energy will become a critical player in the strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

Nuclear Energy Sector

Currently, approximately 18% of UK electricity is provided by nuclear power from the use of 19 reactors across 10 locations. By 2025, the UK is expected to be supplied with around 25% of its energy from nuclear power. In June 2011, eight sites across Britain were chosen as locations for new nuclear stations.

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