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Energy Sector Courses

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Energy Sub-Sectors

Energy CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • PPL Training Ltd

    Cavity Wall Surveyor

    PPL Training Ltd

    This course is for those who wish to carry out cavity wall surveys in line with the new PAS2030:2017 requirements. The latest update covers the specification for the installation of... Read more

  • European Energy Centre

    Digital Marketing and Communications

    European Energy Centre

    The Digital Marketing and Communications course has been designed to provide cutting edge information on digital trends and strategy. This course is ideal for those who are looking to... Read more

  • Gravitas International

    FlexMSE Vegetated Wall Systems

    Gravitas International

    FlexMSE is a patented building system which allows for flexible; permanent; green solutions for slope stabilisation; erosion control; retention/detention; and waterway installations. Read more

  • ABB

    VSD System Energy Efficiency


    This seminars provides an understanding of how Drives; motors; driven loads and filters should be selected to ensure system efficiency is optimal; without making system efficiency worse... Read more

  • Carbon 2018 Ltd

    Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES): Now the EPC really matters!

    Carbon 2018 Ltd

    The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015 will make it unlawful to issue a new lease to a new or existing tenant unless there is an Energy... Read more

  • Carbon 2018 Ltd

    Building Network Operators (BNOs): The Unexposed Duties of the Property Sector

    Carbon 2018 Ltd

    If you have a building with more than one incoming electricity supply and associated fiscal meters the chances are you are a BNO with responsibilities under the Electricity Safety;... Read more

  • GeoShield

    Protection Against Hazardous Ground Gas Ingress Into New Constructions.


    Changes to BS8485and changes to CIRIA 735 Implications of Verification. 45 minute presentation explaining BS8485; 2015 & CIRIA 735 in 2014 and how they work in conjunction with each... Read more

  • Zero Waste Scotland

    Net Waste Tool Training

    Zero Waste Scotland

    The individuals will be trained in the use of the Netwaste tool. This tool allows the individual to calculate the amount of materials they need to complete their project. It also allows... Read more

  • Zero Waste Scotland

    Site Waste Management Tool Training

    Zero Waste Scotland

    The individuals will be trained in the use of the Site Waste Management Plan tool. The plan supports the efficient use of materials on site and helps reduce waste and maximise recovery... Read more

  • Zero Waste Scotland

    Whole Life Costing Tool Training

    Zero Waste Scotland

    The individuals will be trained in the use of the Whole Life Costing tool. This tool allows the individual to calculate the total whole life cost of the building/project; building on... Read more

  • Zero Waste Scotland

    Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Zero Waste Scotland

    This is an internally focused interactive half day training workshop. The ZWS Learning & Development Strategy involves moving away from a classroom approach to development to more... Read more

  • Zero Waste Scotland

    Foundation Green Champions

    Zero Waste Scotland

    The Green Champions Training Course is a free online training course for Scottish organisations. The course has been designed to give you new skills and tools so that you can... Read more

More information about Energy

The energy sector is a highly innovative and expansive industry with a sustained focus for alternative power sources, renewable energy solutions and the balance between growing energy demands with local global environment challenges. The UK energy sector employs over 680,000 in a varied array of professions, from oil & gas engineers to nuclear scientists. EU Skills Research states the UK will need to employ another 200,000 people by 2023 to keep up with industry growth and demand.

Over the last 10 years, the UK has made a transition from being a net exporter of energy to having more than 25% of UK energy now imported. The main energy sources for the UK are approximated as Natural Gas & Oil (41%), Coal (31%), Nuclear (18%), Renewables (9%) and other (1%).

Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy uses the natural environment to make electricity. Renewable energies include include wind, wave, hydro, biomass and solar power. Renewable energy technologies produce approximately 9% of the UK’s electricity, and EU targets mean that this is likely to increase to 30% by 2020. Renewable energy will become a critical player in the strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

Nuclear Energy Sector

Currently, approximately 18% of UK electricity is provided by nuclear power from the use of 19 reactors across 10 locations. By 2025, the UK is expected to be supplied with around 25% of its energy from nuclear power. In June 2011, eight sites across Britain were chosen as locations for new nuclear stations.

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