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Energy Sector Courses

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Energy Sub-Sectors

Energy CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • VolkerWessels UK

    First Line Management Programme

    VolkerWessels UK

    This course is intended for practicing first line managers working in our business with the aim to achieve the foundation for their formal development by developing their management... Read more

  • VolkerWessels UK

    Developing Leader Programme

    VolkerWessels UK

    The Developing Leader Programme is designed to take leaders to the next level of their development; giving the participants the tools to help them in a more senior management role

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  • British Standards Institution

    British Standard BS 5839-1:2017 and the BS EN 54 series

    British Standards Institution

    Lunch and learn with updates on the key changes to Standards relating to fire detection and suppression equipment for buildings in particular; planning; design; installation;... Read more

  • Salford Professional Development

    Preparing for GDPR Course

    Salford Professional Development

    Preparing for GDPR has been designed to be a step by step training course for people who will be responsible for delivering data protection readiness. Delegates will come away able to... Read more

  • Fike Safety Technology

    Video Image Fire and Smoke Detection

    Fike Safety Technology

    Many of today’s modern large structures may not have adequate fire protection. Atriums; open areas and high ceilings make the use of traditional detection methods impractical;... Read more

  • The Carbon & Energy Fund

    Implementing Energy Strategies in Healthcare Estates - A Best Practice Guide to the Model Hospital

    The Carbon & Energy Fund

    Understand how best to integrate successful energy and infrastructure savings projects in the healthcare estate. The guide has been created with exclusive data from 40+ schemes... Read more

  • Lumina Technologies

    Design in Fire Safety

    Lumina Technologies

    Introducing a new system to Architects to enable them to remove the conflict of what goes where on a ceiling (Sprinklers; Fire Detectors; PIR sensors; Room Lights).

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  • Nexans Logistics

    Cable handling. Safe working practices

    Nexans Logistics

    This course is designed to provide instruction in the practical; technical and safety aspects of handling electrical power cables.

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  • GridBeyond

    An introduction to CCS accredited demand side response


    Learn how; when working with a CCS accredited aggregator; the latest in energy optimisation technology can enable participation in programmes such as demand side response (DSR); and how... Read more

  • Nant

    Legionella Management Training – For health and Safety professionals


    This course has been specially crafted using a collective knowledge of over 100 years within the industry; in order to managers of premises with the knowledge; skills and techniques... Read more

  • Eaton Electric Ltd

    Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD) Protection

    Eaton Electric Ltd

    A presentation covering the background to the introduction of AFDD technology and the benefits of its use.

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  • Comnet Europe

    Principles of Fiber Transmission

    Comnet Europe

    An introduction to optical fiber and systems. This 1 hour presentation will benefit attendees with little or no knowledge of optical fiber and associated technology.

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More information about Energy

The energy sector is a highly innovative and expansive industry with a sustained focus for alternative power sources, renewable energy solutions and the balance between growing energy demands with local global environment challenges. The UK energy sector employs over 680,000 in a varied array of professions, from oil & gas engineers to nuclear scientists. EU Skills Research states the UK will need to employ another 200,000 people by 2023 to keep up with industry growth and demand.

Over the last 10 years, the UK has made a transition from being a net exporter of energy to having more than 25% of UK energy now imported. The main energy sources for the UK are approximated as Natural Gas & Oil (41%), Coal (31%), Nuclear (18%), Renewables (9%) and other (1%).

Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy uses the natural environment to make electricity. Renewable energies include include wind, wave, hydro, biomass and solar power. Renewable energy technologies produce approximately 9% of the UK’s electricity, and EU targets mean that this is likely to increase to 30% by 2020. Renewable energy will become a critical player in the strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

Nuclear Energy Sector

Currently, approximately 18% of UK electricity is provided by nuclear power from the use of 19 reactors across 10 locations. By 2025, the UK is expected to be supplied with around 25% of its energy from nuclear power. In June 2011, eight sites across Britain were chosen as locations for new nuclear stations.

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