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Energy Sector Courses

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Energy Sub-Sectors

Energy CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Red Engineering Design Ltd

    Low / Zero Carbon Technologies Briefing 2014

    Red Engineering Design Ltd

    This seminar focuses on the latest developments within the sustainable design arena relating to passive energy solutions, reduction in demand, energy efficient m&e services design,... Read more

  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Anchorage Of Ductile Iron Pipelines

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Seminar explains the way in which ductile iron pipelines may be anchored to withstand the effects of internal pressure, enabling water company engineers to understand how such anchorage... Read more

  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Coatings & Linings For Ductile Iron Pipelines

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Seminar discusses the theory of corrosion and degradation of ductile iron pipelines and the ways in which coatings and linings are specified, how they work, what their limits are and... Read more

  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Embedment & Hydraulics For Ductile Iron Pipe

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Seminar discusses the factors affecting hydraulic flow in pipeline system design. Explains the theory of embedment and structural trench design in respect of specific loading... Read more

  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    European Standards And Quality Marks

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    With reference to ductile iron pipelines. Seminar provides an explanation of the way in which European standards are created, audited and disseminated and what is the relevance of the... Read more

  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Introduction To Valves For Ductile Iron Pipelines

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Seminar explains the different types of valves available for ductile iron water and sewage mains pipelines, where to use them and their limitations. The aim being to enable correct,... Read more

  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Specifying Cast Iron Rainwater And Gutter Systems And Traditional Soil Pipe Systems

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Seminar discusses the benefits of cast iron and discusses recent developments in manufacture and usage in the construction industry and an overview of the latest cast iron rainwater,... Read more

  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Syphonic Rainwater Systems In Cast Iron

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    An overview of the design benefits of siphonic rainwater systems to drain large roof areas and the benefits of specifying cast iron pipework.

    Read more
  • Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    The Burning Question

    Saint-Gobain PAM UK

    Seminar covers the effects of fire on drainage systems used for sanitary, rainwater and venting in industrial, commercial and public buildings. Includes independent research into the... Read more

  • SPX Cooling Technologies

    Cooling Tower Design Considerations

    SPX Cooling Technologies

    Seminar explores the design requirements and the energy efficiencies for a cooling tower. Includes guidelines from the approved code of practice for legionella l8 (acop l8) and the... Read more

  • Trend Control Systems

    BEMS Systems Simplified

    Trend Control Systems

    An introductory look at the world of Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). This will explain the jargon and expose the myths – leaving you in a better position to understand and... Read more

  • Trend Control Systems

    Building On Your BEMS

    Trend Control Systems

    The BEMS industry is evolving and converging with the IT world on technologies and networks. This presentation explains the various local and wide area networks commonly used for BEMS... Read more

More information about Energy

The energy sector is a highly innovative and expansive industry with a sustained focus for alternative power sources, renewable energy solutions and the balance between growing energy demands with local global environment challenges. The UK energy sector employs over 680,000 in a varied array of professions, from oil & gas engineers to nuclear scientists. EU Skills Research states the UK will need to employ another 200,000 people by 2023 to keep up with industry growth and demand.

Over the last 10 years, the UK has made a transition from being a net exporter of energy to having more than 25% of UK energy now imported. The main energy sources for the UK are approximated as Natural Gas & Oil (41%), Coal (31%), Nuclear (18%), Renewables (9%) and other (1%).

Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy uses the natural environment to make electricity. Renewable energies include include wind, wave, hydro, biomass and solar power. Renewable energy technologies produce approximately 9% of the UK’s electricity, and EU targets mean that this is likely to increase to 30% by 2020. Renewable energy will become a critical player in the strategy to reduce carbon emissions.

Nuclear Energy Sector

Currently, approximately 18% of UK electricity is provided by nuclear power from the use of 19 reactors across 10 locations. By 2025, the UK is expected to be supplied with around 25% of its energy from nuclear power. In June 2011, eight sites across Britain were chosen as locations for new nuclear stations.

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