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Civil & Highways Courses

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Civil & Highways CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Asphalt Group

    The Economic And Environmental Advantages Of Using Asphalt Reinforcement

    Asphalt Group

    The seminar will provide a thorough understanding of asphalt reinforcement, how to specify and install the product and extend the life of trafficked areas. It will cover the economic... Read more

  • Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control

    A Guide To Sustainable Soil Erosion, Stabilisation And Drainage Materials And Their Applications

    Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control

    This presentation will educate on the use of soil stabilisation and erosion control products to provide solutions for various project types.

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  • Tarmac Trading Limited

    Clear Binder Coloured Asphalt

    Tarmac Trading Limited

    Explanation of conventional asphalt composition; pigmenting options and coloured asphalt its applications.

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  • FP McCann

    Precast Concrete Crosswall Construction

    FP McCann

    This seminar provides a clear understanding of how factory engineered Precast Concrete Crosswall Construction is designed; engineered; manufactured and erected on site to form various... Read more

  • SJG Temporary Works Ltd

    Temporary Works Co-ordinator

    SJG Temporary Works Ltd

    This course will enable delegates to competently perform the duties of a Temporary Works Co-ordinator (TWC) on site.

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  • Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    The history & development of natural cement.

    Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    This seminar covers the history of cements from cave man to modern day and the environmental benefits of using natural cement.

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  • Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    Natural Cement - the industry's best kept secret

    Natural Cement Distribution Ltd

    This seminar provides a brief history on how natural cement came to be in existence; The unique physical and chemical properties of natural cement; The uses of natural cement and the... Read more

  • ICE Training

    ICE Training: BIM for Infrastructure

    ICE Training

    The result of a unique collaboration between the ICE BIM Action Group and Government’s BIM Task Group, ICE BIM for Infrastructure is a leading BIM training programme in the... Read more

  • ICE Training

    ICE Training: BIM Implementation - Putting People First

    ICE Training

    A useful one day training course that illustrates the changes in behaviour and culture required for the successful roll-out of BIM across project or organmisation, and what personal and... Read more

  • ICE Training

    ICE Training: Principles of Construction Contracts (Classroom and eLearning)

    ICE Training

    Available in two formats: Two day classroom training and 90 minutes eLearning.

    This insightful training course offers delegates the following unique combination of benefits: Read more

  • ICE Training

    ICE Training: Sustainable Development – Design, Construction and Maintenance

    ICE Training

    This one-day training course will encourage you to consider your projects differently and equip you with the tools and know-how to revise your design decisions, construction processes... Read more

  • ICE Training

    ICE Training: Project Cost Management – Estimating, Budgeting and Value

    ICE Training

    This programme equips you with the ability to prepare and control budgets, and confidently manage costs within your project’s commercial framework. During the training course you... Read more

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