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Engineering Sector Courses

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Engineering Sub-Sectors

Engineering CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Eland Cables Ltd

    Introduction to Cable Manufacturing

    Eland Cables Ltd

    The training module focuses on cable manufacturing process from the beginning of the process (Conductors) right through the various processes from Stranding; Insulation; Extrusion;... Read more

  • Eland Cables Ltd

    Introduction to Cable Testing

    Eland Cables Ltd

    The training module focuses on the requirements of cable performance and the many tests conducted to ensure that electrical cables meet the performance criteria for reliability; safety... Read more


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Usage Evaluation & Flushing


    This course is specifically geared to allow the candidate to develop an appreciation of the requirements of the Legionella and Pseudomonas Management and Control Programme employed by... Read more


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Departmental Management Responsibilities


    This course provides the candidates with the required knowledge of all relevant legislation, guidance and Best-Practice requirements, for their specific departments remit, to ensure... Read more


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management – Responsible Persons' Refresher


    This is a one-day refresher course for individuals who have attended the full 3-day Legionella Risk Management – Responsible Persons’ Training (ILM Development Programme... Read more


    Legionella/Water Quality Risk Management - Sample Collection Methodology


    This course provides advice on how to select and collect water samples for bacteriological analysis in a correct, proper and accurate manner, as described in the various pertinent... Read more

  • ISCVE Limited

    Advanced Principles of Networking

    ISCVE Limited

    This course introduces some of the more advanced features of networks; which can ensure that your network has enough bandwidth and that bandwidth is available to the services that need... Read more

  • Aarsleff Ground Engineering

    An Introduction To Driven Piling

    Aarsleff Ground Engineering

    This seminar provides an introduction to driven piling from the manufacture of reinforced; precast concrete piles to site activities and installation.

    Read more
  • Wilson Power Solutions

    Carbon and Energy Savings Through Ultra Low Loss Transformers

    Wilson Power Solutions

    This interactive seminar provides an understanding on the importance of energy savings through supply transformers.

    Read more
  • Red Engineering Design Ltd

    An Overview of the Correct Approach to CHP

    Red Engineering Design Ltd

    Using the experience of Red engineers in the industry this presentation offers a practical overview of how to make a CHP installation work successfully in all situations and to address... Read more

  • Craig & Derricott

    Understanding Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

    Craig & Derricott

    This course provides an insight into Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). It will cover the history and the relevant British Standards. It explains how different ATS work and the... Read more

  • Concrete Preservation Technologies

    Identifying and Controlling Corrosion in Masonry Clad Steel Frame Buildings

    Concrete Preservation Technologies

    This seminar explains how to assess and evaluate Steel Corrosion in Steel Frame Buildings (Regent Street Disease) and how to control and prevent further deterioration.

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More information about Engineering

Continuing Professional Development is a fundamental part of any career within all disciplines of engineering and ensures engineers keep up to date by improving their skills & knowledge on a regular basis.

The Engineering Council states that all members of professional engineering institutions within the engineering sector have obligations to undertake CPD. One of the main functions of the engineering professional bodies is to support the improvement & development of their members. The professional engineering institutions work alongside the Engineering Council to advise on CPD, by providing guidance, resources and mentoring programmes.

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