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Engineering Sector Courses

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Engineering Sub-Sectors

Engineering CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • ABB

    Transformer Applications & Eco Directive Cast Resin & Oil Distribution Transformers


    The aim of this presentation is to provide the modern engineers with sufficient knowledge for them to be aware of the basics and essentials of transformer applications especially in... Read more

  • ABB

    pH Measurement: The most common analytical measurement


    This seminar will provide a better understanding of the principles of pH measurement and common problems associated with making the measurement.

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  • FP McCann

    Precast Concrete Crosswall Construction

    FP McCann

    This seminar provides a clear understanding of how factory engineered Precast Concrete Crosswall Construction is designed; engineered; manufactured and erected on site to form various... Read more

  • ABB

    MV Protection Applications


    This seminar provides an overview of Short Circuit Protection; protection methods; time selective protection; blocking based protection and time and directionally selective... Read more

  • Eta Projects Ltd

    Authorised/Competent Person Authorising Engineer Appraisal

    Eta Projects Ltd

    This course is designed as an Electrical course for Electrical staff who are presented or proposed for the role as Low Voltage Authorised Person / Competent Person (Electrical).

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  • Habitech Ltd

    Designed Audio

    Habitech Ltd

    This seminar shows delegates the different elements for Designed Audio and how to use it.

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  • Tarmac Trading Limited

    Clear Binder Coloured Asphalt

    Tarmac Trading Limited

    Explanation of conventional asphalt composition; pigmenting options and coloured asphalt its applications.

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  • ISCVE Limited

    Making Waves – Acoustics for Sound Engineers

    ISCVE Limited

    This one day training course explains how sound behaves. It covers the way it travels and the relationship between the various phenomena of sound.

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  • Farrat

    Thermal Bridging and Structural Thermal Breaks


    This seminar explains what thermal breaks are; why they should be installed and where and how to specify the thermal breaks according to their application.

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  • Red Engineering Design Ltd

    An overview of BREEAM New Construction 2014

    Red Engineering Design Ltd

    This presentation is a practical overview of the various aspects of BREEAM together with the key elements and requirements of BREEAM assessments for various building types.

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  • SJG Temporary Works Ltd

    Temporary Works Co-ordinator

    SJG Temporary Works Ltd

    This course will enable delegates to competently perform the duties of a Temporary Works Co-ordinator (TWC) on site.

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  • Habitech Ltd

    Flush by Design: Technology meets Design

    Habitech Ltd

    Showing how to implement technology into projects without compromising on the aesthetics and the design vison of a space.

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More information about Engineering

Continuing Professional Development is a fundamental part of any career within all disciplines of engineering and ensures engineers keep up to date by improving their skills & knowledge on a regular basis.

The Engineering Council states that all members of professional engineering institutions within the engineering sector have obligations to undertake CPD. One of the main functions of the engineering professional bodies is to support the improvement & development of their members. The professional engineering institutions work alongside the Engineering Council to advise on CPD, by providing guidance, resources and mentoring programmes.

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