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Banking & Investments Courses

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Banking & Investments CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • BNY Mellon

    Navigating a smoother return path through evolving macro environment

    BNY Mellon

    The presenter will discuss the evolution of global growth over the last few years; highlighting growth scares and recession risks; as well as shifting to a strong cyclical upswing. Read more

  • Freeths

    Environmental Law for Land Contamination Professionals


    This one-day course is for those in the first phase of their technical careers working on contaminated and brownfield sites. The course will explore the aspects of environmental law;... Read more

  • BCA Research Inc.

    Principles of Macroeconomics

    BCA Research Inc.

    The BCA Academy Principles of Macro course teaches the analytical methods and investment strategies developed at BCA Research over the past 70 years. Participants will learn how to use... Read more

  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    5 week Master Trader Programme

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    Our Master Trader Programme is designed to provide aspiring and operating traders alike the ability to master the skills needed to become a successful; profitable FX trader. Content is... Read more

  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    2 Day forex bootcamp

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    This Masterclass is designed to help students become a successful trader; by learning new skills or building upon and improving current trading knowledge. The bootcamp will provide... Read more

  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    The Institutional Trader Programme

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    In partnership with The London Stock Exchange Group and Academy; the opportunity presented through this programme is to jump-start or fully expand a career in finance; with an... Read more

  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    Online CISI & expert strategies trading programme

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    In association with The London Stock Exchange Group Academy; this programme is designed to offer aspiring and established traders with the education and resources to develop a career in... Read more

  • World Business Strategies Ltd

    Online: Quantitative Trading Strategies Live Course

    World Business Strategies Ltd

    Understand the mechanics of standard implementations of the single asset and portfolio based risk-premia trading strategies; the basis for CTAs and Quant funds; Equities Quant funds;... Read more

  • Freeths

    Employee Status in the University Sector


    The aim of this seminar is to offer: Expert presentations and discussion by leading employment and immigration law professionals; Roundtable event and opportunity to discuss current... Read more

  • Ravenscroft Group

    Investment made easy – Back to the future

    Ravenscroft Group

    A one hour presentation that explores the current approach to investment management which is based on forecasting macro-economic events and political outcomes and seeks to understand... Read more

  • Emerging Payments Ltd

    Merchant Acquiring

    Emerging Payments Ltd

    Learn everything about the flow of payments between the customer or card-holder and the merchant or retailer. This data-rich; insightful one-day course dissects the payments ecosystem... Read more

  • Altus Group

    ARGUS Enterprise: EMEA

    Altus Group

    Our training programme is designed for new-to-intermediate users of ARGUS Enterprise or anyone who will be responsible for entering leases; budgets; market assumptions or valuation and... Read more

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