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Banking & Investments CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Semiconductors – basis for the 4th industrial revolution

    VanEck (Europe)

    Semiconductors also referred to as semis or chips; are the brains of modern electronics and the drivers of technological innovation. Over the past decade semis have also been the... Read more

  • Global Fund Media Ltd

    Event – etfLIVE Spotlight

    Global Fund Media Ltd

    The etfLIVE SPOTLIGHT series is designed to keep you up to date on the key themes and trends in the global world of ETFs. The series will feature leading protagonists from this vibrant... Read more

  • Compliancy Services

    SM&CR Conduct Rules

    Compliancy Services

    Under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR); FCA and PRA regulated firms are required to train their staff on Conduct Rules. Conduct Rules are a set of enforceable... Read more

  • Compliancy Services

    Introduction to Market Abuse

    Compliancy Services

    The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) aims to increase market integrity and investor protection. This course allows the learner to understand the UK Market Abuse Regime and the legal... Read more

  • Compliancy Services

    Vulnerable Customers

    Compliancy Services

    Protecting the interests of vulnerable consumers is a key focus for the FCA and the FCA expects firms to exercise particular case with vulnerable consumers. This course allows the... Read more

  • Compliancy Services


    Compliancy Services

    Whistleblowing is an activity protected by law under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 and it is the act of exposing secretive information. This course allows the learners to... Read more

  • Compliancy Services

    FCA Regulations for Full Permission Credit Related Firms

    Compliancy Services

    A 45-minute online training course designed for full permission consumer credit firms regulated by the FCA. The course allows the learners to understand the role of the FCA; different... Read more

  • LBMA

    The Gold Jewellery Industry in the Pandemic: Now and Future


    As part of our Virtual Summit Series; Philip Olden; Independent Consultant; Iris Van der Veken; Executive Director; RJC; Mark Hanna; Chief Marketing Officer; Richline Group; Neil Harby;... Read more

  • ADGM Academy Limited

    Employability Skills

    ADGM Academy Limited

    This 5 days highly engaging course with interactive activities and group discussions is aimed to equip entry level candidates with the basic skills to help them better understand their... Read more

  • Compliancy Services

    Assisting Customers with Claims

    Compliancy Services

    A 30-minute online training course designed to provide staff training for firms handling insurance claims. The course described the importance of the insurance market in the UK; the... Read more

  • Compliancy Services

    Banking Conduct of Business

    Compliancy Services

    A 45-minute online training course for Banking Firms subject to FCA Handbook Banking Conduct of Business Sourcebook (BCOBS). BCOBS sets out the standards for how the FCA expects firms... Read more

  • Compliancy Services

    Claims Management: Conduct of Business Sourcebook

    Compliancy Services

    An online training course designed for Claims Management Companies. The course provides an overview on FCA Handbook Claims Management Conduct of Business Sourcebook (CMCOB). CMCOBS... Read more

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