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Finance Sector Courses

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Finance Sub-Sectors

Finance CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Cowry Consulting

    Introduction to Behavioural Economics

    Cowry Consulting

    An interactive; insightful and educational Introduction to Behavioural Economics. The course will provide an introduction to the C Factors – the most important subconscious... Read more

  • BCA Research Inc.

    Principles of Macroeconomics

    BCA Research Inc.

    The BCA Academy Principles of Macro course teaches the analytical methods and investment strategies developed at BCA Research over the past 70 years. Participants will learn how to use... Read more

  • Chorus Intelligence

    Microsoft excel to enhance analytical support

    Chorus Intelligence

    The aim of this course is to identify the potential uses of Microsoft Excel within an operational environment and leave the attendees with the skills to exploit its capabilities.

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  • Chorus Intelligence

    Open Source Research and Investigation Training

    Chorus Intelligence

    The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive guide to conducting level 3-4 open source research and investigations enabling effective capture of evidence and intelligence... Read more

  • SSASPro Ltd

    Introducing SSAS Pensions

    SSASPro Ltd

    A seminar introducing the mechanics and application of SSAS pensions for professional advisers.

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  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    5 week Master Trader Programme

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    Our Master Trader Programme is designed to provide aspiring and operating traders alike the ability to master the skills needed to become a successful; profitable FX trader. Content is... Read more

  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    2 Day forex bootcamp

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    This Masterclass is designed to help students become a successful trader; by learning new skills or building upon and improving current trading knowledge. The bootcamp will provide... Read more

  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    The Institutional Trader Programme

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    In partnership with The London Stock Exchange Group and Academy; the opportunity presented through this programme is to jump-start or fully expand a career in finance; with an... Read more

  • Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    Online CISI & expert strategies trading programme

    Knightsbridge Trading Academy

    In association with The London Stock Exchange Group Academy; this programme is designed to offer aspiring and established traders with the education and resources to develop a career in... Read more

  • The National Training Academy

    GDPR – The Essentials

    The National Training Academy

    The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are effective from 25th May 2018. These EU regulations provide greater protection to data subjects and makes organisations accountable... Read more

  • City Training Academy Limited

    Introduction to the World of Foreign Exchange

    City Training Academy Limited

    This exclusive seminar with CityTA will introduce you to the currency markets from an Institutional viewpoint. Learn from traders who have traded at prestigious financial institutions;... Read more

  • London Stock Exchange

    SFTR Transaction Reporting Foundation Course

    London Stock Exchange

    The foundation course provides training on all the elements essential in meeting the SFTR transaction reporting requirements.

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More information about Finance

A wide range of professionals across the finance sector are required to complete Continuing Professional Development. CPD is a mandatory obligation to many professional bodies and associations, which includes accountants, tax and financial advisers, investments specialists and insurance professionals.

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