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Finance Sector Courses

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Finance Sub-Sectors

Finance CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Sage UK

    Sage Accountant Cloud Education Programme (Webinar)

    Sage UK

    The webinar programme consists of 4 webinars that will introduce you to the Sage Accountant Cloud platform and our compliance modules. On completion of the programme you will be invited... Read more

  • Acacia Learning Ltd

    The HR role in business strategy development

    Acacia Learning Ltd

    For an organisation to be effective; its business strategy and strategic HR management must inform each other. How people are recruited; managed and engaged all affect the delivery of... Read more

  • World Business Strategies Ltd

    Online: Quantitative Trading Strategies Live Course

    World Business Strategies Ltd

    Understand the mechanics of standard implementations of the single asset and portfolio based risk-premia trading strategies; the basis for CTAs and Quant funds; Equities Quant funds;... Read more

  • Ideal Schools

    Diploma in Payroll Management

    Ideal Schools

    Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the theory of payroll; Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of and be able to calculate the various payments that can make up an... Read more

  • MDT International Ltd

    Well Decommissioning: Principles and Practice

    MDT International Ltd

    This course is to provide practicing engineers with the tools to tackle well decommissioning projects or campaigns. The course focuses on engineering best practice and you will learn... Read more

  • Freeths

    Employee Status in the University Sector


    The aim of this seminar is to offer: Expert presentations and discussion by leading employment and immigration law professionals; Roundtable event and opportunity to discuss current... Read more

  • Jamaica Stock Exchange

    A Directors Strategic Guide to Corporate Governance & Leadership

    Jamaica Stock Exchange

    This course is designed to provide participants with comprehensive understanding to the key aspects of corporate governance necessary for the effective and transparent operations of a... Read more

  • Ravenscroft Group

    Investment made easy – Back to the future

    Ravenscroft Group

    A one hour presentation that explores the current approach to investment management which is based on forecasting macro-economic events and political outcomes and seeks to understand... Read more

  • Idox Software Ltd

    Competition Law Compliance

    Idox Software Ltd

    As competition authorities around the world cooperate more closely and regularly; either using their formal legal powers or via competition networks; Competition Law compliance should... Read more

  • Idox Software Ltd

    Anti-Corruption Programme

    Idox Software Ltd

    Training staff on anti-corruption practices ensures that they recognise potentially risky situations and understand how to apply anti-corruption guidelines in their day-to-day... Read more

  • Idox Software Ltd

    Information Security

    Idox Software Ltd

    Information security involves a number of different measures to ensure an organisation’s sensitive data and information is protected – developing a secure IT infrastructure is... Read more

  • Emerging Payments Ltd

    Merchant Acquiring

    Emerging Payments Ltd

    Learn everything about the flow of payments between the customer or card-holder and the merchant or retailer. This data-rich; insightful one-day course dissects the payments ecosystem... Read more

More information about Finance

A wide range of professionals across the finance sector are required to complete Continuing Professional Development. CPD is a mandatory obligation to many professional bodies and associations, which includes accountants, tax and financial advisers, investments specialists and insurance professionals.

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