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Finance Sector Courses

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Finance Sub-Sectors

Finance CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • British Standards Institution

    GDPR Foundations

    British Standards Institution

    Our one-day foundation training course to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will help you understand how it could apply to your organisation and the potential benefits. By... Read more

  • Financial Risk Hub

    Certificate in Finance Business Analysis (FinBA)

    Financial Risk Hub

    Financial Risk Hub offer the Certificate in Finance Business Analysis (FinBA) program; and financial designation. Students; and; crucially; banks and other financial employers... Read more

  • Engage in Learning

    Bullying and Harassment

    Engage in Learning

    Bullying and harassment can not only have a very serious impact on the individual involved but can also spread and create a toxic working environment.

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  • Engage in Learning

    Discipline and Grievance

    Engage in Learning

    Do you know a disciplinary situation when you see it? Can you handle a grievance? Would you dread handling either situation?

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  • Alphachain Capital Ltd

    Alphachain Academy: Learn to Trade Programme

    Alphachain Capital Ltd

    A 2-day intensive institutional-grade training programme. We will provide the foundations and potential on-going coaching to trade the cryptocurrency market and the forex market on... Read more

  • GoSkills Ltd

    Introduction to SQL

    GoSkills Ltd

    SQL is the world’s most widely used programming language for database management; an essential skill for back-end web development and data analytics. By the end of the course you... Read more

  • Unum Ltd

    Gender; Health; Work

    Unum Ltd

    This webinar has been developed to increase understanding about common gender specific health conditions; encourage communication; and educate line managers on how they can support... Read more

  • LBMA

    Conflict and high-risk gold: Strategies for managing new risks


    Reports from the UN; NGOs; and the media continue to highlight that parts of the gold trade fund armed groups and conflicts; from the DR Congo to Venezuela. While government... Read more

  • British Standards Institution

    Security Foundations Course

    British Standards Institution

    This one day theory based course has been designed by security consultants; which aims to provide candidates with an understanding of the principles of security; risk management and the... Read more

  • Great Chatwell Academy of Learning Ltd

    Managing Bribery and Corruption Risks

    Great Chatwell Academy of Learning Ltd

    Bribery and corruption are illicit activities and these risks must be managed to ensure that firms avoid the risk of the Corporate Criminal Offence relating to the criminal conduct of... Read more

  • Great Chatwell Academy of Learning Ltd

    Managing the Risks of Tax Evasion Risks under the Criminal Finances Act 2017

    Great Chatwell Academy of Learning Ltd

    Governments are now aggressively taking steps to identify tax non-compliance and firms are being increasingly scrutinised and challenged to ensure that they manage and mitigate the... Read more

  • IW Capital Ltd

    Enterprise Investment Scheme & IW Capital EIS Portfolio Service

    IW Capital Ltd

    A comprehensive overview of the Enterprise Investment Scheme and the IW Capital Limited EIS Portfolio Service

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More information about Finance

A wide range of professionals across the finance sector are required to complete Continuing Professional Development. CPD is a mandatory obligation to many professional bodies and associations, which includes accountants, tax and financial advisers, investments specialists and insurance professionals.

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