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Clinical Training CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Interactive Healthcare Training

    Schools: Children with Diabetes Training

    Interactive Healthcare Training

    Our Children with Diabetes training course has been written for people who care for children with diabetes.

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  • Interactive Healthcare Training

    Schools: Children with Epilepsy Training

    Interactive Healthcare Training

    This title provides the information you need to support a child at school with epilepsy; explaining the different types of seizures; the symptoms and most importantly; what to do to... Read more

  • Interactive Healthcare Training

    Working in Confined Spaces

    Interactive Healthcare Training

    This programme explains what confined spaces are; why they can be dangerous; what the law says must be done in a confined space situation at work; and how the risks can be Read more

  • Working in the NHS - Navigating Change & Effective Communication

    First Thought Training

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stated that – in 2014/15 – 440,000 people in the UK reported a work-related stress that was at such a level it was making them ill. Read more

  • British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR)

    Physical Activity and Exercise in Heart Failure: Assessment; prescription and Delivery

    British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR)

    This one-day study day is aimed at all professionals involved in the delivery of exercise to cardiac patients who wish to expand their knowledge to include the heart failure patient. Read more

  • CETAHealth

    Fundamentals of Immunisation


    This training is 2 days for Primary Care nurses new to Immunisation. This training meets the Health Protection Agency minimum standards for immunisation training. All nurses attending... Read more

  • CETAHealth

    People Manual Handling


    To ensure staff have the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to enable the safe moving and handling of clients within the working area.

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  • Pharma Consult

    Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Training Course

    Pharma Consult

    Provide an introduction to the Legislative framework for the risk benefit- evaluation for the safety of Medicines; and the organization of risk monitoring and assessment in Europe and... Read more

  • Derma Medical

    Lip Masterclass

    Derma Medical

    Led by highly trained doctors the experienced delegates are able to learn and practice the advanced lip filler techniques to enable them to have the confidence; skill and knowledge to... Read more

  • Ammonite Training Solutions

    Mass Casualty First Aid Training

    Ammonite Training Solutions

    This course gives the students the knowledge and skills to be able to deliver specific first aid treatment to a mass casualty incident. It covers injuries such as catastrophic bleeding;... Read more

  • Emotional Intelligence

    First Thought Training

    Emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is the capability of individuals to recognise their own and other people’s emotions; to discriminate between different... Read more

  • First Emergence Ltd


    First Emergence Ltd

    Definition of a chaperone; responsibilities of a chaperone; qualities of a chaperone; using inclusive language and reporting concerns. Content is mapped to CQC standards and British... Read more

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