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Clinical Training CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Harley Academy

    1:1 Jawline and Chin Filler Training

    Harley Academy

    This product training consists of a 1.5 hour appointment at Harley Academy’s training clinics to treat your patient and is ideal for experienced practitioners who want to learn... Read more

  • de Smit Medical Systems Ltd

    The Theory of Bladder Scanning

    de Smit Medical Systems Ltd

    Generic clinical training online course and exam on correct use of bladder scanners and interpretation of results covering; anatomy and bladder function; causes and symptoms of urinary... Read more

  • Easyfairs UK

    Advanced Engineering show 2019

    Easyfairs UK

    The UK’s largest annual gathering of advanced engineering professionals connecting the entire supply chain of the UK’s advanced engineering industry with R&D; design; test;... Read more

  • The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    Remembering; Forgetting and the Neurobiological Basis of Identity

    The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    This course provides fascinating and clinically relevant insights into current neuroscientific understandings of memory processes and how these are relevant to psychotherapeutic work... Read more

  • The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    The Interpretation of Dreams and the Neurosciences

    The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    This course offers fascinating insights into the key discoveries and research methods that have shaped our understandings of dreams. It also provides an overview of Freudian dream... Read more

  • The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    The Material Me: Unifying the Exteroceptive and Interoceptive Contributions to Bodily Self-awareness

    The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    In this course Professor Manos Tsakiris offers a comprehensive and enlightening overview of current neuroscientific thinking regarding the complex topic of selfhood.

    Read more
  • The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    The Neurobiology of Sensitive Periods

    The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    This course offers key insights into the nature of sensitive periods; shedding light on the way that the brain develops from childhood through adolescence and on to adulthood. While... Read more

  • The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    The Scientific Standing of (Neuro)psychoanalysis

    The Neuropsychoanalysis Centre

    This course provides a comprehensive overview of how the brain functions in both health and in psychopathology. It also explains the effectiveness of psychoanalytic treatment and what... Read more

  • Marie Stopes United

    Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness and Identification

    Marie Stopes United

    This course explores the complex issues surrounding child sexual exploitation. Signs and indicators are discussed and strategies for assessing risk and referring to safeguarding teams... Read more

  • Achieve Care Solutions

    Statutory/Mandatory Training for Healthcare

    Achieve Care Solutions

    We provide Statutory/Mandatory training to Health Care workers and Nurses. The course provides them with the skills and knowledge required to undertake their role. The... Read more

  • Arjo

    Sharing dementia care solutions – making a difference


    This study day will provide delegates with an introductory toolkit of practical solutions to help them and their colleagues address the safe patient handling and mobility needs of... Read more

  • Harley Academy

    Beginners Chemical Peels Workshop

    Harley Academy

    This one day course provides you with the essential knowledge & hands-on practice you need to be able to immediately introduce Chemical Peels to your clinic. This Chemical Peels... Read more

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