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Dental & Hygiene CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • New Directions Training

    Autism Awareness

    New Directions Training

    This course will teach a foundation of what autism is and the types of autism you can expect to find and how to provide appropriate support. Also included; An overview of autism... Read more

  • 3Shape

    3Shape Dental System Digital Dentures


    Recent advancements in 3Shape’s Denture Design software and new possibilities within materials and manufacturing make it highly attractive and profitable for labs to produce dentures... Read more

  • New Directions Training

    Epilepsy Awareness

    New Directions Training

    This course is looking at: What is epilepsy? Causes of epilepsy; Types of seizures; Effects of seizures; Definitions and terminology; Supporting a person with epilepsy.

    Read more
  • New Directions Training

    Food Safety

    New Directions Training

    This course will give greater awareness of the dangers that poor food safety standards pose; as well as covering how food safety risks actually arise and how to control and prevent... Read more

  • New Directions Training

    Medication Awareness

    New Directions Training

    This course is designed to give you an awareness of the correct practices; policies and procedures to conduct your work safely and effectively in relation to medication.

    Read more
  • New Directions Training

    Safeguarding Children

    New Directions Training

    This course will give you an understanding of what safeguarding children entails and how you fit into the process. This course covers the reasons why safeguarding is so important; how... Read more

  • My Learning Cloud

    Anxiety and Depression

    My Learning Cloud

    This Anxiety and Depression course has been designed to help you best support people with emotional disorders; such as depression and anxiety; and how to work with people experiencing... Read more

  • New Directions Training

    Classroom Management Level 2

    New Directions Training

    The course has been designed with subject matter expert advice and guidance based on the needs of schools and inspecting bodies. The course will give a knowledge and understanding of... Read more

  • New Directions Training

    Cover Supervisor v 2

    New Directions Training

    Delivers the basics of the cover supervisor’s role and responsibilities. The course covers the basics of what a cover supervisor is; what you are allowed to do and the basics on... Read more

  • Train4academy

    Coeliac Disease (screens)


    This short section is designed to cover Coeliac Disease as part of the Allergen Awareness courses. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition which causes the sufferer to become... Read more

  • Derma Medical

    PDO COG’s Course

    Derma Medical

    Led by highly trained doctors the experienced delegates are able to learn the theory and practice the COGs procedure on live models. The treatment includes the insertion of COG threads... Read more

  • Allocate

    eJobPlan Series


    This is a series of elearning courses for our customers using eJobPlan. It’s made up of three modules and will help users to learn how to use eJobPlan at their own pace wherever... Read more

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