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Healthcare Services Courses

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Healthcare Services CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • HC Skills International Ltd

    Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education

    HC Skills International Ltd

    This unit develops the knowledge and skills relevant to teaching and learning processes. The qualification establishes the set of professional competencies necessary to deliver... Read more

  • HC Skills International Ltd

    Post Grad Dip in Neuroscience approaches to good pt outcomes

    HC Skills International Ltd

    The aims of this qualification are to enhance the ability of qualified dentists to provide safe and high-levels of care in dynamic orthodontic clear aligner settings. The emphasis being... Read more

  • The core principles of Ophthalmology

    Eyerudio Ltd

    The core principles of Ophthalmology. This innovative animated website is designed to allow healthcare professionals to rapidly gain; revise or update their knowledge of core... Read more

  • Haddenham Healthcare

    Compression Therapy and Kinesiology Taping for Midline Oedema

    Haddenham Healthcare

    This is a day dedicated to the teaching and practice on the use of compression garments and kinesiology taping methods used for Midline Lymphoedema. Taught content involves a 6 hour... Read more

  • CR Bard

    TTM Skills Training

    CR Bard

    Training workshop with a focus on the science and evidence of Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) therapy and its role in the Sudden Cardiac Arrest patient treatment pathway. The... Read more

  • Handicare

    In Bed Management


    Delegates will gain a theoretical and practical understanding of the management of a client in bed. This will include posture and positioning when profiling / sitting up in bed; moving... Read more

  • Four Health Communications

    Infant Nutrition Education Lunch and Learn: Introduction to the diagnosis and management of food allergy in infants, with a focus on cow’s milk allergy (CMA)

    Four Health Communications

    Introduction to the diagnosis and management of food allergy in infants; with a focus on cow’s milk allergy.

    Read more
  • The Health Sciences Academy

    Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain

    The Health Sciences Academy

    Do artificial sweetener cause weight gain? Could they really be hindering our dieting efforts? Is our good gut bacteria being killed off by artificial sweeteners? Are zero-calorie... Read more

  • The Health Sciences Academy

    Food Colourings Part 1 - Treat or Threat?

    The Health Sciences Academy

    How harmful or how safe are food colourings? Are synthetic colourings always harmful? What are they made of? Could eating food colourings cause DNA damage in our body? Are they even... Read more

  • The Health Sciences Academy

    Science of Happiness

    The Health Sciences Academy

    Is happiness real; or an illusion? How can we know for sure if we feel happy? Can our happiness be measured? Is it possible to control how happy we feel; or not? Can science provide us... Read more

  • accomplish

    Alcohol Awareness


    This course aims to give care staff a basic awareness of the effects of alcohol and how people can become dependent on it.

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  • accomplish

    Introduction to Mental Health


    This course provides a basic understanding of mental illness and its effects and how to support someone with a mental illness.

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