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Patient Care CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Roche Diabetes Care Ltd

    Appropriate blood glucose management

    Roche Diabetes Care Ltd

    Designed to support healthcare professionals in advising people with diabetes about self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG). Who should be testing? How often? What do results mean and... Read more

  • BSN Medical

    Hand-Arm Vibration (HAVS) Training

    BSN Medical

    An online course designed to help learners understand how vibration causes ill health; how to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment; and which control measures should be... Read more

  • BSN Medical

    Warehouse Safety

    BSN Medical

    An online course that educates learners about the risks posed by warehouses and how to control them. It explains what their legal duties are; the common hazards they may face; how to... Read more

  • Derby Private Health

    Ophthalmology issues: Managing red eye and vision loss & diabetic retinopathy

    Derby Private Health

    Providing an overview of eye conditions; including red eye; loss of vision and diabetic retinopathy; and giving more information as to how to diagnose and treat them.

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  • Pivotell

    Pivotell automatic pill dispensers


    Professional training covering the assessment and use of Pivotell Advance medication dispensers. With an introduction to the use of Pivotell Automatic pill dispensers and the assessment... Read more

  • Practice Index


    Practice Index

    Excel for Practice Managers.

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  • Scalpworx Ltd

    Scalp Micropigmentation Core fundamentals & Skills Practice Course

    Scalpworx Ltd

    Scalp Micropigmentation Core fundamentals & Skills Practice Course process in knowledge and skill set. The principles of scalp micropigmentation, anatomy, clinical practices,... Read more

  • The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health

    ‘What does ultrasound tell us about a woman’s fertility’?

    The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health

    We will review the ultrasound diagnosis of causes of female infertility. We will then examine how information on an ultrasound scan report can be used to formulate a treatment plan for... Read more

  • BSN Medical

    Pharmacy academy module 1 – First Aid for Wounds

    BSN Medical

    Within this module you will learn and develop an understanding of how the body heals following an injury to the skin; exploring some of the internal and external factors that may... Read more

  • BSN Medical

    JOBST Academy module 18 – Chronic Oedema

    BSN Medical

    To demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology and classification of chronic oedema; recognising the similarities to lymphoedema. How to provide a full holistic assessment;... Read more

  • Derby Private Health

    Treatment in primary care of common hand conditions

    Derby Private Health

    Highlighting a number of conditions that are common in primary care and offering advice and techniques as to how to treat them.

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  • Respiratory Matters

    Foundation (performance) certificate in Spirometry

    Respiratory Matters

    This one day course can be taken by clinicians who perform spirometry but do not interpret the results. This will prepare you for ARTP registration in order to be placed on the... Read more

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