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Hospitality Sector Courses

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Hospitality Sub-Sectors

Hospitality CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Oplex Careers

    Office Management level 4

    Oplex Careers

    The Office Management Advanced Course will provide learners with a deeper insight into learning the key skills to work within an office environment.

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  • Oplex Careers

    Social Care for Mental Health

    Oplex Careers

    The online Social Care for Mental Health Course will introduce the topic of mental health and will explore and discuss key mental health models; the development of mental health laws;... Read more

  • Oplex Careers

    Teaching Literacy in Schools

    Oplex Careers

    The Teaching Literacy in Schools Course will provide learners with an insight into working in the field of education in schools. The course will discuss working with children learning... Read more

  • Oplex Careers

    Veterinary Support Assistant Advanced

    Oplex Careers

    The Veterinary Support Assistant Advanced Course will provide learners with a much deeper insight and understanding into working with animals; providing key support to the veterinary... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Promoting Positive Behaviour (v2)

    High Speed Training

    An online course designed to help professionals understand more about why children misbehave and how to manage challenging behaviour. The course explains a range of techniques that can... Read more

  • Jupiter Play & Leisure

    The Value of Natural Play; Approaches to Inspirational Design

    Jupiter Play & Leisure

    This generation is the least connected with the natural world than any generation before. We explore how natural play can reconnect children with the green world and the many benefits... Read more

  • Training Professionals International Firm

    Strategic Thinking Training Course

    Training Professionals International Firm

    This training focuses on developing strategic insight by analyzing the internal business and external operating environment in order to create an effective measurable strategic plan... Read more

  • flick learning


    flick learning

    A level-2 E-Safety course that provides learners with a thorough understanding of the risks that children face online; what preventative measures they can take; how to take action in... Read more

  • flick learning

    The EYFS Made Simple

    flick learning

    A level-2 course that provide learners with a high level of understanding on the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage and to give them a detailed overview of the... Read more

  • flick learning

    Fire Safety Training for Managers

    flick learning

    A level-3 Fire Safety course that is designed to teach learners everything from the basics of fire safety; covering areas such as the P.A.S.S technique and the specifics of fire safety... Read more

  • flick learning

    Information Security

    flick learning

    A level-2 Information Security course designed to teach learners everything from the basics of information security and why it is important to specifics such as how to safeguard against... Read more

  • flick learning

    Manual Handling Training Course: Safe Lifting of Adults and Children

    flick learning

    A level-2 Manual Handling of People course that provides learners with a thorough understanding of the risks of lifting and moving people; why it’s different from other manual... Read more

More information about Hospitality

The hospitality sector is a substantial contributor to the UK economy. For example, there are approximately 10,000 hotel businesses in the UK contributing to around £18 billion. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has calculated that hotels and restaurants, together with distribution, make up 18% of the entire UK services industry.

The British Hospitality Association (BHA) is the private sector forum for the 6th largest contributor to export earnings and 4th largest employer in the UK. Approximately 3 million people, or 10% of the workforce and over 180,000 businesses work within the overall UK hospitality industry. BHA, together with Oxford Economics, examined hospitality industry contribution to each of the 406 local authorities in England which they found is responsible annually for providing £46bn in wages and profits to local economies.

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