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Employment Legislation Courses

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Employment Legislation CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Mental Capacity Act

    Relias Learning Ltd

    This course provides an introduction to the general legal and ethical principle that mental capacity must be assessed before valid consent can be obtained when starting treatment or... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Autism Awareness

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex condition with a wide range of symptoms; challenges; and characteristics. Autism affects people in many ways; particularly in areas of social... Read more

  • Lightbulb Leadership Solutions

    Giving & receiving feedback masterclass

    Lightbulb Leadership Solutions

    Delegates will learn techniques; top tips and fresh approaches to building capability and improving performance through effective skills in preparing; delivering and receiving feedback... Read more

  • ID Medical

    IV Drug Administration and Therapy

    ID Medical

    This one-day course is for medical professionals wishing to understand the administration of intravenous (IV) drugs and therapy. This course will cover legal and professional aspects;... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Understanding RIDDOR: Accident and Injury Reporting

    Relias Learning Ltd

    The health and social care sector is a fast-paced; multi-disciplinary arena that involves diverse organisations; moving parts; and working people. Without careful oversight; many things... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    COSHH Safety Awareness

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Exposure to hazardous substances at work can put your health at risk. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations; is a set of workplace standards and requirements... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    DCSETF: Equality Diversity and Inclusion in Dementia Care

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Equality; diversity; and inclusion are abstract ideas until they become real within concrete actions and interactions. Professionals working in dementia care must be informed and aware... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    End of Life Care: Care of the Actively Dying Adult

    Relias Learning Ltd

    People undergo many physical and mental changes as they reach the end of life. Every caregiver should be able to recognise the common symptoms that indicate approaching death. Many... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Mental Health Awareness

    Relias Learning Ltd

    There is still a stigma and general lack of understanding about mental health. This course is designed to be helpful whether you are new to the field of mental health; have limited... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Sepsis: A Simple; Pragmatic; Evidence-Based Approach to Detection; Collaboration and Measurement

    Relias Learning Ltd

    1.7 million patients are admitted to English acute hospitals as emergencies with bacterial infection per year. Those at the most severe end of this spectrum will have sepsis; a... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Working with Display Screen Equipment

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Display screen equipment (DSE); is used across diverse industry sectors; including health and social care. Like other equipment that you use at work; DSE has associated health and... Read more

  • Compliance Online

    Health & Safety

    Compliance Online

    This course contains the key topics under the Health and Safety at Work Act; and the knowledge required to safeguard your employees from workplace risks and hazards.

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