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Employment Legislation Courses

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Employment Legislation CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Law At Work

    DSE Assessor Training

    Law At Work

    This training is required to meet the guidelines of the Jersey Display Screen Equipment at Work approved Code of Practice in providing assessors with the skills to assess risks in the... Read more

  • Law At Work

    Fire Marshal Training

    Law At Work

    Anyone with responsibility for any action in a fire needs to be trained in what their proper response should be. As with all emergency plans they will only be effective if those with... Read more

  • ID Medical

    Revalidation and appraisal

    ID Medical

    A presentation on doctors’ revalidation and appraisals; a General Medical Council (GMC) requirement for every doctor. Providing our doctor candidates with detailed information on the... Read more

  • The Skills Network

    Level 3 in Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication

    The Skills Network

    This course will enhance knowledge of handling medication and covers legislation; responsibilities around handling medication and processes for its receipt; storage and disposal. Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Safeguarding Children Level 3

    Relias Learning Ltd

    If you are able to assess; plan; intervene and evaluate the needs of children then you have a statutory responsibility to maintain up-to-date skills and knowledge of safeguarding... Read more

  • Baker Lomax and Shackley Limited

    SIRO Training

    Baker Lomax and Shackley Limited

    An in-depth overview of SIRO responsibilities; actions regarding legislature and tips and hints on successes for those who have been appointed SIROs or who are expected to be... Read more

  • Peel Solutions

    Modern Slavery : First Responders

    Peel Solutions

    To provide first responders with the knowledge and understanding they will require to carry out their responsibilities effectively and to be confident of using and understanding the... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Waste Management

    Relias Learning Ltd

    All healthcare workers have a responsibility to dispose of their clinical waste in a way that minimizes any risk to themselves; patients; co-workers and the environment. This course is... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Lone Worker Training

    Relias Learning Ltd

    When you work in a hospital you have the support of a wide network of colleagues; but what happens when you are working by yourself? Who do you turn to for advice? For help in an... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Fraud; Bribery; and Whistleblowing Awareness

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Fraud; bribery and corruption; otherwise known as Economic Crime (EC); take valuable funds and resources from the NHS and reduce the ability to deliver effective healthcare. Therefore... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Food Hygiene in Health and Social Care – Level 2

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Infants; the elderly and people who are ill are especially vulnerable to foodborne diseases. What usually causes a few days of unpleasant symptoms for healthy people might be fatal for... Read more

  • Law At Work

    HR Essentials: Capability

    Law At Work

    This course is designed for those responsible for HR processes in their organisation. Each session will give practical advice and tips; that can be taken back to the workplace and... Read more

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