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Human Resources Sector Courses

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Human Resources Sub-Sectors

Human Resources CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Brand Biology

    Financial Advisers: Sales & Retention Masterclass

    Brand Biology

    Using our practical; hands-on training techniques; we have designed a one-day programme to help organisations like yours to harness their individual personalities; aptitudes and... Read more

  • Legal-Island

    Cyber Security in the Republic of Ireland Workplace.


    This course was designed specifically for organisations based in Ireland by a team of cyber security experts. Topics covered within the course include: What is cyber security? Types of... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Cross-Cultural Awareness (v5)

    High Speed Training

    The cross-cultural awareness course teaches learners about the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace; how to develop cultural awareness; and how to manage cross-cultural... Read more

  • High Speed Training


    High Speed Training

    This Resilience Training course will help learners to develop the various personal attributes that help them better handle life’s challenges. They will gain an understanding of how to... Read more

  • Prospero Group Ltd

    An Introduction to Classroom Management

    Prospero Group Ltd

    This free; online; introductory course covers the basics of classroom management so that you are prepared to manage student behaviour in the classroom.

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  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Basic Literacy in Healthcare

    Relias Learning Ltd

    This course addresses the reading and writing skills covered by many of the literacy tests taken by new healthcare assistants; nursing associates and nurses. You will take a pre-test... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Care Certificate for Social Care: S06 Communication

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Effective communication is an essential part of understanding; enjoying and being successful in our everyday environments. Understanding what has been communicated and the ability to... Read more

  • Engaging Safety

    DSEAR Awareness

    Engaging Safety

    An interactive half day course suitable for people at all levels who carry out work which involves the handling or production of dangerous substances. The course uses the latest HSE... Read more

  • The Speech Coach Ltd

    Confident Communication: 1 Day Workshop

    The Speech Coach Ltd

    An introductory workshop that focuses on the development of the core skills & characteristics that underpin confident communication.

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  • The Speech Coach Ltd

    Confident Communication: 3 Workshop Extended Programme

    The Speech Coach Ltd

    This extended programme allows for guided practice and coaching in each of the core skills and characteristics that underpin Confident Communication, across 3 separate workshops.

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  • International Academy of Travel

    Manual Handling

    International Academy of Travel

    The Safety Health and Welfare Act 2005 requires employers to ensure that employees are trained and competent in Manual Handling. This Manual Handling Course will help ensure that... Read more

  • HSQE

    Environmental Awareness at Home


    The aim of this course is to raise awareness of environmental issues and some practical steps that you can take to live in a more environmentally sustainable way.

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More information about Human Resources

It is estimated that around 100,000 people work in the fast-paced & constantly evolving human resources (HR) and personnel sector across the UK. Human Resources is the general term that covers a wide range of professional people-focused activities, which includes; employee relations/industrial relations, employment law, health and safety, payroll and pensions, performance and reward, recruitment and talent management, organisational development, training, coaching & professional development learning activities.

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