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IT Support Services CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • EssentialSkillz

    Internet; Email and Social Media


    A course designed to highlight your responsibilities when using the organisation’s Internet facilities and equipment or when referring to the organisation on social media from any... Read more

  • EssentialSkillz

    Modern Slavery


    The Modern Day Slavery Courses is an interactive course which defines Modern Slavery and explains the different forms of contemporary slavery. It successfully provides the information... Read more

  • EssentialSkillz

    Money Laundering


    This Essentialskillz Money Laundering eLearning Course; defines the term Money Laundering and explains the different forms Money Laundering can take. It effectively highlights how... Read more

  • EssentialSkillz

    Pandemic Awareness


    Pandemic Awareness eLearning course provides vital information on Pandemic Awareness and what protection measures should be taken to prevent the spread of a pandemic such as the recent... Read more

  • EssentialSkillz

    Prevent Duty


    The Prevent Duty Online Training course has been designed for people who work in a UK educational institution; so that they can develop a clear understanding of their duties under the... Read more

  • EssentialSkillz

    Security and Terror Alerts


    This Security and Terror Alerts e-Learning course helps users to be prepared and know what to do if a security threat occurs. Completion of the course will explain how; with a... Read more

  • EssentialSkillz

    Treating Customers Fairly


    A course designed to introduce the principle of treating customers fairly so as to raise standards in ways that benefit customers and increase consumer confidence.

    Read more
  • EssentialSkillz

    Whistleblowing Procedures


    A course outlining an organisation’s whistleblowing procedures and how to raise genuine concerns in the correct manner. It explains the circumstances under which employees are... Read more

  • Clarivate Analytics UK

    Patent Searching 101

    Clarivate Analytics UK

    Patent Searching is often viewed as a discipline best left to professional patent searchers and which takes years to master. In this session; we will review four easy to use strategies... Read more

  • Lumina Technologies

    Design in Fire Safety

    Lumina Technologies

    Introducing a new system to Architects to enable them to remove the conflict of what goes where on a ceiling (Sprinklers; Fire Detectors; PIR sensors; Room Lights).

    Read more
  • KNect365

    Certificate in Data Analysis


    By attending this course; you will learn how to apply data analysis techniques to improve your operational and project based work. You will be able to review a range of tools and choose... Read more

  • Roebuck Consulting

    Data Protection & Security Awareness

    Roebuck Consulting

    The course is designed to provide candidates with an awareness of the data protection regulations including GDPR. It also covers an awareness of Protecting Information Assets; Cyber... Read more

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