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Information Technology Sector Courses

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Information Technology Sub-Sectors

Information Technology CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • CNet Training

    Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP™)

    CNet Training

    The Certified Data Centre Design Professional qualification brings together the essential components of proficiency to independently certify that an individual is professional; highly... Read more

  • I2d2

    Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


    This training explains the purpose of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR); the duties and obligations it places upon organisations and individuals who process personal... Read more

  • I2d2

    Dementia Awareness


    This training explains what dementia is and looks at the many different kinds of help that are needed by people with dementia.

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  • Videotile Learning

    Principles of Communication

    Videotile Learning

    This course covers some of the different methods of communication in the adult social care sector. How to identify and reduce barriers to effective communication; ensuring the person... Read more

  • Videotile Learning

    Duty of care

    Videotile Learning

    This course will give you an introduction to the concept of duty of care; cover how duty of care affects your work; what to do if you come across a duty of care dilemma and where to go... Read more

  • Clymac Fire & Security

    ZP3 Training

    Clymac Fire & Security

    Training on Ziton/UTC ZP3 Panels for Engineers and Office Staff

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  • IndigoVision

    Surveillance systems network integrity in a cyber world.


    With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks and migration of surveillance systems to IP; this module covers all aspects of network design from basic to more advanced covering cyber... Read more

  • GoSkills Ltd

    Illustrator - Basic

    GoSkills Ltd

    Adobe Illustrator is the industry-leading vector drawing program used by professional designers around the globe for digital graphics; illustrations; and typography. If you are an... Read more

  • GoSkills Ltd

    Lean Six Sigma – Yellow Belt

    GoSkills Ltd

    Lean Six Sigma is a proven business process improvement methodology for companies striving to gain a competitive edge. In high demand across a diverse range of industries; Lean Six... Read more

  • Sage UK

    Sage Business Cloud Education Programme

    Sage UK

    The webinar programme consists of a series of webinars that will take you on a learning journey from demystifying the cloud to becoming an expert on the Sage Business Cloud range. Read more

  • Content Design London

    Content Design training

    Content Design London

    Digital content isn’t just writing for the web anymore. We teach content design – the discipline that starts by defining audience needs so that an organisation can communicate... Read more

  • Ditto Sustainability

    ABP Waste

    Ditto Sustainability

    Introduction to Waste Management at ABP Ports for all ABP staff.

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More information about Information Technology

The UK provides one of the largest Information Technology sectors in the world. According to UK Trade & Industry, the UK IT sector is worth £58billion annually. Technology Insights states 1.5million people are now employed in the UK IT sector which provides an overall contribution of £81billion (9%) to the total UK economy.

However, the IT sector encounters challenges as does any other industry sector. As Information Technology becomes more crucial to everyday life, the sector is pushed to make IT more ”real-time” and “user-friendly”, and consumerism drives thinking to expect more from IT whilst demanding to pay less. It is generally accepted that the IT sector has achieved levels of maturity over recent decades in line with more traditional industries, and a significant provider to the UK economy. Yet there has also been a shift in mind-set that IT innovation is now considered a normal evolutionary progression rather than a revolutionary shift in the way we live.

Similar to any industry the UK IT sector is not safe from the threats of, as both location & national boundaries obstructions diminish, and high-skilled labour becomes readily available across the globe at significantly varied scales of cost. Continuous investment in technological education is vital to maintain a competitive advantage from both a micro & macro-economic perspective.

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