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Local Authority Courses

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Local Authority CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Childminding UK (CUK)

    Understanding and Working with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

    Childminding UK (CUK)

    This course has been produced particularly for Registered Childminders who use the (EYFS). To fully meet the requirements of the (EYFS) it is important to be familiar with it and... Read more

  • Germinal GB Ltd

    Understanding Granular Fertilizers

    Germinal GB Ltd

    An explanation of the main different types of granular fertilization. The pros and cons of each type; how they work and their relating effect with respect to environmental... Read more

  • Carbon Trust

    Green Business Fund Technology Webinar - An Introduction to HVAC

    Carbon Trust

    Heating and cooling can typically account for 45% of an SME’s energy consumption. Regardless of the type of organisation small adjustments to these systems can significantly... Read more

  • Barnardo's

    Personal Advisor Training – Accommodation and Life Skills


    This course is part of ten full day courses that aim to enhance the skills and learning of Personal Advisers working with young People leaving the Care system. Particularly; this... Read more

  • Shropshire Academy & Learning Trust (SALT)

    Running Ahead

    Shropshire Academy & Learning Trust (SALT)

    A practice led workshop exploring the systemic ‘gap’ in the proactive protection of children that go missing from care in many areas across the UK. This workshop considers the... Read more

  • Community Impact Bucks

    Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees

    Community Impact Bucks

    Congratulations; you’re a trustee! What next? Do you understand your individual and collective role and responsibilities? Learn more about what trustees do and your vital role in... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Cyber Bullying

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Recognition of what cyber bulling is and how predators target and groom victims. Online awareness and how to recognise when a child is being groomed. Help techniques in dealing with... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care


    Fulbridge Social Care

    A report into the number of people receiving diabetes education in 2011/12 showed that only 1 in 30 people newly diagnosed with diabetes were recorded as having attended a diabetes... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Eating Disorders

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Recognition of what an eating disorder and the different types beyond the three main well known disorders. Looking at causes and what to look for if you live or work in an environment... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Equality and Diversity

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Ideal for staff in any sector, this course provides delegates with an understanding of how the values, opinions and prejudices of an individual can influence those around them, and how... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Lone Working

    Fulbridge Social Care

    Recognition of what lone working entails and the responsibilities all others have. Description of best practices to adopt when lone working and how to deal with potentially dangerous... Read more

  • Fulbridge Social Care

    Mental Health

    Fulbridge Social Care

    This course is designed for staff working in the care sector and provides an awareness of mental health disorders and the social stigmas which come hand in hand with them. Training will... Read more

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