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Public Sector Courses

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Public Sub-Sectors

Public CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    Design Thinking Masterclass

    IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    This Masterclass focuses on learning by doing; whilst getting the opportunity to visit member companies who are already strong in this field. It consists of 4 days over 4 months; where... Read more

  • IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    Innovation Practice Groups

    IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    These provide a small intimate setting where members get to meet each other and learn about Research; Innovation; Continuous Improvement or Best Practices in the host company.

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  • APSE - Association for Public Service Excellance

    An Overview of Leadership and Management Skills

    APSE - Association for Public Service Excellance

    A one day course on demonstrating leadership as a manager including an optional psychometric test for personal profiling.

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  • Oris Media

    Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) Europe Non-Confrontational Interview Techniques Courses

    Oris Media

    WZ is a unique method of interviewing a suspect or suspects once they have been identified after an investigation. The method works in any case where an employer has to have a... Read more

  • Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service

    Finances for Charities

    Redbridge Council for Voluntary Service

    1 day training for employees/volunteers of voluntary and community organisations to understand how to ensure effective internal financial controls.

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  • Peel Solutions

    Understanding Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

    Peel Solutions

    This course will provide those who may come into contact with any aspect of Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking with the knowledge and understanding they will require to identify;... Read more

  • Peel Solutions

    Understanding Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking – Commercial Organisations

    Peel Solutions

    This course will provide those who work within commercial organisations or companies with the knowledge they will require to comply with the legal obligations placed upon them under the... Read more

  • Macmillan Cancer Support

    Role development programme

    Macmillan Cancer Support

    A blended role development programme for generalist nurses and Allied Health Professionals to learn more about cancer care. The programme comprises a 6 module e-learning programme; 2... Read more

  • 1000 Lives Plus

    Perinatal Community of Practice (COP) Conference

    1000 Lives Plus

    The NSG is now convening the first Community of Practice (COP) event to help promote service improvement and the sharing of good practice. A community of practice is defined as: “A... Read more


    Caring for Separated and Trafficked Children


    This event is offering a face-to-face training for foster carers and support workers across England on the care of separated children seeking asylum and child victims of trafficking

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  • Asb Aspire LLP (on behalf of Headway Hurstwood Park)

    Beyond Brain Injury – overcoming everyday challenges

    Asb Aspire LLP (on behalf of Headway Hurstwood Park)

    This event is aimed at all practitioners working with brain injury sufferers. The focus will be on recognising some of the prevalent but often overlooked effects of brain injury;... Read more


    Keeping Children Safe Online


    An online introductory safeguarding course about how children use the internet and how professionals can keep them safe from abuse.

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More information about Public

The UK public sector is a major component of the total UK economy. According to Open University research, public expenditure in 2008/09 amounted to £618bn and constituted 48% of GDP. The public sector employs just under 6 million personnel (approx. 19% of total UK workforce) and is responsible for the delivery of a wide range of public services including: pensions and benefits (28%), health (18%), emergency services, law enforcement, and education (13%).

According to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the UK voluntary sector contributes £11.7 billion to the UK economy, and employs approximately 765,000 (2.7%) of the total 27.9million UK workforce.

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