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Public Sector Courses

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Public Sub-Sectors

Public CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Adfam

    Working with Families Affected by Alcohol Misuse


    A one day course for practitioners with experience of working with these families who wish to extend their knowledge and skills.

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  • Housing Diversity Network

    Board Excellence Programme

    Housing Diversity Network

    This successful mentoring programme has so far served 100 mentees across UK over the past 4 years. It consists of 4 group workshops; 4 or more mentoring meetings; and any agreed... Read more

  • Chorus Intelligence

    Anonymity; The Deep Web and Cybercrime Workshop

    Chorus Intelligence

    The aim of this course is to provide Investigators and Analysts with an insight into how degrees of anonymity can be achieved by individuals; how the deep web is structured; how it... Read more

  • Fortalice

    Working with Children Affected by Domestic Abuse - Level 2


    The course enables individuals to recognise how children are affected by living with domestic abuse and offer appropriate strategies of working with them post trauma. In addition it... Read more

  • Kidscape

    Anti-bullying Awareness Course


    This course is designed to ensure that those working with children and young people have a greater awareness of Bullying & Cyberbullying. The course highlights the different forms of... Read more
  • Comply Direct

    Data Gathering Webinar

    Comply Direct

    This webinar will provide Comply Direct packaging members with the information required to collect and calculate packaging data. Specifically; we will cover the types of data required... Read more

  • Gaia Education

    Design for Sustainability: Ecological

    Gaia Education

    Ecological Design is an online course providing a broad perspective of the historical roots of ecological design thinking. It explores how regenerative design; permaculture; ecological... Read more

  • Back Up

    Back Up

    Back Up

    Back Up is a leading UK charity that inspires people affected by spinal cord injury to get the most out of life. The course is for adults with spinal cord injury and is designed to... Read more

  • Level Playing Field - LPF

    Disability Awareness Training – front line staff

    Level Playing Field - LPF

    Level Playing Field’s disability awareness training is a detailed training course set up to support match day stewards and provide them with best practice guidance on working with... Read more

  • Wiz Training and Development

    Trainer Development Workshop

    Wiz Training and Development

    The workshop is designed to equip those taking part to design and deliver specific training sessions relating to their professional area. The overall aim is to develop the capacity of... Read more

  • Fortalice

    Teenage Domestic Abuse Awareness


    To provide professionals with an awareness of issues relating to teenage dating abuse and provide them with strategies and guidelines on how to keep identified young people safe.

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  • Adfam

    Supporting family members to respond to change resistant drinkers


    I have a family member who is drinking and doesn’t want help: what can I do? Millions of family members seek the answer to this question. Answers tend to start by recognising that... Read more

More information about Public

The UK public sector is a major component of the total UK economy. According to Open University research, public expenditure in 2008/09 amounted to £618bn and constituted 48% of GDP. The public sector employs just under 6 million personnel (approx. 19% of total UK workforce) and is responsible for the delivery of a wide range of public services including: pensions and benefits (28%), health (18%), emergency services, law enforcement, and education (13%).

According to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the UK voluntary sector contributes £11.7 billion to the UK economy, and employs approximately 765,000 (2.7%) of the total 27.9million UK workforce.

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