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Public Sector Courses

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Public Sub-Sectors

Public CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Barnardo's

    Safeguarding and Child Protection in Prisons


    This training is designed for prison staff and managers to recognise the signs and symptoms of child abuse and know what to do in the case of suspected or actual abuse. It is an... Read more

  • NFS Mediation

    Effective Communication Skills

    NFS Mediation

    This course will enable participants to identify the skills needed for effective communication; assess the effectiveness of their own communication skills and apply their learning in... Read more

  • NFS Mediation

    Difficult Conversations

    NFS Mediation

    This course will enable participants to plan for and undertake a difficult conversation within the context of their professional duties.

    Read more
  • NFS Mediation

    Dispute Resolution

    NFS Mediation

    This course will enable participants to understand the skills that enable effective facilitation in dispute resolution and how to analyse their own dispute resolution skills.

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  • NFS Mediation

    Telephone Communication Skills

    NFS Mediation

    This course will enable participants to understand what skills make up effective telephone communication and how to plan an effective call.

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  • PrescQIPP CIC

    Chronic heart failure in adults

    PrescQIPP CIC

    This course is based on NICE guideline 106 and covers the diagnosis and pharmacological management of chronic heart failure. It also covers lifestyle factors; but management of acute... Read more

  • The Waste Group Services Ltd

    Waste Management Industry - 'Waste Champion'

    The Waste Group Services Ltd

    This training course is aimed at Waste Management Industry professionals (Managers/Supervisors/Senior Waste Management Operatives) who require certified training to take on the role of... Read more

  • Child Poverty Action Group

    Challenging WCA Decisions

    Child Poverty Action Group

    The work capability assessment (WCA) applies in both employment and support allowance (ESA) and universal credit (UC). Claimants who fail the WCA can challenge that on appeal; but need... Read more

  • Beat

    Beyond the Symptoms


    Beyond the Symptoms is a one-day interactive training course for Primary Care clinicians; including GPs; Practice and Diabetes Nurses; Dentists; Cardiologists; Gastroenterologists;... Read more

  • Beat

    Bridging the Gap


    We know that university can be a difficult time for someone with an eating disorder. Our training is focused on helping the people around those suffering at university to understand how... Read more

  • The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

    Managing Stress in the Workplace

    The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

    This session will give people a self-management toolbox of skills to enable individuals to reduce their stress levels in the work place; and building resilience within this. The... Read more

  • Kenley College

    Entrepreneurial Leadership

    Kenley College

    The Entrepreneurial Leadership course helps participants to establish and lead a business for sustainable success. The course allows you to: Get clear: Use the entrepreneurial insight... Read more

More information about Public

The UK public sector is a major component of the total UK economy. According to Open University research, public expenditure in 2008/09 amounted to £618bn and constituted 48% of GDP. The public sector employs just under 6 million personnel (approx. 19% of total UK workforce) and is responsible for the delivery of a wide range of public services including: pensions and benefits (28%), health (18%), emergency services, law enforcement, and education (13%).

According to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the UK voluntary sector contributes £11.7 billion to the UK economy, and employs approximately 765,000 (2.7%) of the total 27.9million UK workforce.

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