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Sport Sector Courses

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Sport Sub-Sectors

Sport CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • New Directions Training

    Safeguarding Children - Level 1 v.2

    New Directions Training

    This course provides an understanding of what Safeguarding children entails: how care workers adhere to its rules and regulations; the reasons why Safeguarding is so important; how it... Read more

  • Proludic Ltd

    Designing for Inclusion

    Proludic Ltd

    All children should have access to play and to the same play facilities. This CPD explores research on different impairments: Motor; visual; learning and hearing and how best we can... Read more

  • ISCVE Limited

    Designing for Speech Intelligibility – using the speech transmission index

    ISCVE Limited

    The course takes a detailed look into the factors affecting speech intelligibility and how they can be controlled. Two methods of verifying the intelligibility performance of a system... Read more

  • Germinal GB Ltd

    Understanding Granular Fertilizers

    Germinal GB Ltd

    An explanation of the main different types of granular fertilization. The pros and cons of each type; how they work and their relating effect with respect to environmental... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

    High Speed Training

    An online course designed for people who use portable appliances at work or are responsible for testing them. It helps the learner understand the risks posed by portable appliances and... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

    High Speed Training

    This online training course is a clear and concise introduction to trafficking; exploitation; and modern slavery in the UK. Designed by specialists; this course teaches learners to spot... Read more

  • Jupiter Play & Leisure

    Building an Active Community

    Jupiter Play & Leisure

    1 in 6 deaths are caused by inactivity in the UK. How can public open spaces contribute to helping people change their behaviours and attitudes to physical activity? We explore the... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Infection Control and Prevention

    High Speed Training

    This Infection Control course educates the learner about the importance of sufficient infection control at work. It familiarises them with sources of infections; how infections can... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Safer Recruitment (v4)

    High Speed Training

    This Safer Recruitment course aims to help those with responsibility for recruiting and/or supervising new staff members; including volunteers; to understand the importance of an... Read more

  • Avigilon

    Lunch and Learn Seminar – Networking Considerations for IP CCTV Solutions


    Presentation designed to provide an overview of network design and security considerations for IP CCTV Solutions.

    Read more
  • Level Playing Field - LPF

    Disability Inclusion and Etiquette Training

    Level Playing Field - LPF

    The Disability Inclusion and Etiquette Training (D. I. E. T) looks to upskill customer facing staff at sports stadiums/venues and organisations that provide services for disabled sports... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Conflict Management (v2)

    High Speed Training

    An online course designed for anyone at any level of a business; particularly when staff work with others or serve members of the public. It educates learners about common causes of... Read more

More information about Sport

According to the contribution of the sport industry to the economy reached £20.3 billion in 2010. This represents 1.9% of the total English economy, thus placing the sport sector up in the top 15 industry sectors above motor vehicles, telecoms services, legal services, accounting, publishing, advertising and utilities. Sport employment remains a crucial component of the UK economy, supporting over 450,000 jobs, around 2.3% of all UK employment.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA) is the umbrella organisation for the governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation in the UK and includes 320 members such as the Rugby Football Union, The FA, British Racing, UK Athletics and British Rowing. The SRA explains that in 2014 there were over 2 million adults in the UK who volunteered at least 1 hour per week to the sports sector. This would cost the UK an estimated £2.7 billion a year to employ fulltime workers to undertake the work completed. About 47% of the sports industry is employed part-time, compared to 27% of the whole UK workforce (SkillsActive, 2010).

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