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Sport Sector Courses

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Sport Sub-Sectors

Sport CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • High Speed Training

    Fire Warden Training (v2)

    High Speed Training

    This course will provide the learner with the necessary training required to be a qualified fire warden. It will educate them about what their and their employer’s legal duties are... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Restaurant Hospitality (v3)

    High Speed Training

    This Restaurant Hospitality Course is designed to teach all front of house staff in a restaurant how to deliver good service to guests. It explains how to create a welcoming;... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Licensing Law Awareness (v2)

    High Speed Training

    An online course designed to help learners understand how to comply with the Licensing Act for England and Wales. The course explains the key objectives of the law; looks at how... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Sexual Harassment Training for Employees

    High Speed Training

    An online course that provides employees with an understanding of what sexual harassment is; how to recognise it in their workplace; and steps to take to reduce and rectify it.

    Read more
  • BSN Medical

    Casting Academy module 1 – Diabetes and the risk to the lower limb

    BSN Medical

    To demonstrate an understanding of how diabetes can develop; and the consequences the condition can have on the lower limb. Understand the assessment of a patient with diabetes and... Read more

  • DNAFit

    DNAFit Training and Nutrition Academy


    DNAFit Academy is designed for health and fitness professionals who wish to incorporate genetic testing as part of their services; as well as broaden their understanding of fitness and... Read more

  • Level Playing Field - LPF

    Disability Access Officer Training

    Level Playing Field - LPF

    Level Playing Field’s Disability Access Officer (DAO) training looks to upskill staff and volunteers in this position to deliver a greater experience for disabled fans. The training... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Sports Nutrition (2)

    High Speed Training

    An online course designed to help those who regularly exercise; practise sport or take part in training sessions understand what constitutes a healthy and well-balanced diet. The course... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Sexual Harassment Training for Managers and Supervisors

    High Speed Training

    An online course that provides managers and supervisors with an explanation of what sexual harassment is; how to implement effective policies to reduce the likelihood of it; and how to... Read more

  • Speller Metcalfe

    The Knowledge Series; Bristol

    Speller Metcalfe

    Hosted by Speller Metcalfe; the Knowledge Series welcomes three external speakers to discuss some of the construction industry’s most topical issues. Our event includes: The benefits... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Fire Risk Assessment

    High Speed Training

    This online course is aimed at owners and employers of offices and shops. It contains comprehensive information about the various standards buildings must meet to minimise fire risks... Read more

  • Mightify

    Emergency Services Resettlement Course


    Drawing on our successful track record of supporting police; fire; ambulance and 999 family personnel through successful career moves; we have developed an innovative; inspirational... Read more

More information about Sport

According to the contribution of the sport industry to the economy reached £20.3 billion in 2010. This represents 1.9% of the total English economy, thus placing the sport sector up in the top 15 industry sectors above motor vehicles, telecoms services, legal services, accounting, publishing, advertising and utilities. Sport employment remains a crucial component of the UK economy, supporting over 450,000 jobs, around 2.3% of all UK employment.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA) is the umbrella organisation for the governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation in the UK and includes 320 members such as the Rugby Football Union, The FA, British Racing, UK Athletics and British Rowing. The SRA explains that in 2014 there were over 2 million adults in the UK who volunteered at least 1 hour per week to the sports sector. This would cost the UK an estimated £2.7 billion a year to employ fulltime workers to undertake the work completed. About 47% of the sports industry is employed part-time, compared to 27% of the whole UK workforce (SkillsActive, 2010).

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