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Airlines & Aviation Courses

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Airlines & Aviation CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Nina & Pinta

    Negotiation Skills

    Nina & Pinta

    This course will assist delegates to understand key elements when negotiating with clients or suppliers within the Corporate Travel industry. Elements include The 5 steps of strategic... Read more

  • Nina & Pinta

    Developing Cultural Awareness and the Impact of Culture in Sales and Account Management

    Nina & Pinta

    This course will assist delegates to understand how to deal with different cultures and cultural nuances within a working environment. The course will give practical insights; including... Read more

  • Nina & Pinta

    Developing a Challenger Mindset Workshop

    Nina & Pinta

    This course will address how the sales process has changed over the years what builds customer support and loyalty and how to adapt into a new way of selling – by developing a Challenger... Read more
  • Britpave

    Concrete Road Pavements Course


    A new course examining the design and construction of a range of concrete pavement options including principles of mix design; principles of pavement design; batching and construction... Read more

  • International Academy of Travel

    Customer Service Excellence

    International Academy of Travel

    This engaging media rich online course is aimed at candidates who would like to improve their ability to deliver Exceptional Customer Service to every Customer. It is suitable for staff... Read more

  • International Academy of Travel

    Manual Handling

    International Academy of Travel

    The Safety Health and Welfare Act 2005 requires employers to ensure that employees are trained and competent in Manual Handling. This Manual Handling Course will help ensure that... Read more

  • Lightbulb Leadership Solutions

    Values Based Recruitment Masterclass

    Lightbulb Leadership Solutions

    How to recruit and hire candidates based on values (personal & company) as well as competency.

    Read more

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