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Engineering Sector Events

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Engineering CPD Events in September 2020

  • Certsure LLP

    The Wire – EICR coding clinic. Episode 2

    We will be looking at the contractors images from real life scenarios and using the industry guidance to help confirm what codes should be attributed to each situation.

  • NS Media Group Ltd

    Dam Safety Virtual Conference

    The last few years have highlighted the importance of Dam Safety as several major dam incidents received widespread publicity; including the spillway failures at Oroville Dam in the US and Toddbrook Dam in the UK. As global warming increases the likelihood of storms and heavy rainfall; the issue of Dam Safety is becoming increasingly more important.The Dam Safety virtual event will look at how the industry responded to these high-profile events; and what lessons can be learned from them. It will cover all aspects of dam safety; including safety guidelines; operation; and maintenance of dams; new construction techniques; extending the lifespan of dams and products to improve safety.Interviews with key industry figures will be combined with panel discussions and presentations to bring an in-depth and informative event straight to your desktop.

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