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Social Care CPD Events in February 2018

  • Disabled Living

    Disabled Living; Moving & Handling People Safely including Single handed Care

    1 Day Course linking legislation involved with Moving and Handling and the principles of safe moving and handling of people with one or more carers; involving local issues; risk assessments; problem solving and practical techniques. Suitable as yearly Moving and Handling Update

  • Disabled Living

    Disabled Living Moving and Handling for Trainers Update

    The format and content of this course reflects the latest information; new equipment and professional guidance available. This includes new guidance on legal cases and what it means to training

  • Disabled Living

    Disabled Living Trusted assessor

    A 4 day Course equipping delegates with relevant skills to assess for and prescribe a simple solution or a basic piece of equipment to meet the needs of an individual living with a disability

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    Can Literature Solve Poverty?

    In the run up to the LSE Festival: Beveridge 2.0 rethinking the welfare state for the 21st Century; we bring together a panel to discuss the relationship between literature and poverty. They reflect on questions such as: do you need money to access literature? If not why are there comparatively few working-class writers? And can literature actively play a part in reducing financial hardship?

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    Identity and the Welfare State: evolving challenges for sustaining social solidarity

    Central to the promise of the Beveridge Report is the assumption of social solidarity: we need a cohesive society to support social protection; and the resulting shared safety net should increase cohesion even further. Yet as the country and its welfare state evolved; so did the social bonds on which they depended. Given what we know about human behaviour and experience; what prospect is there for the level of solidarity needed to carry Beveridge’s vision into the twenty-first century?

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    The Challenge of Richness? Rethinking the Giant of Poverty

    The economic and political power of the richest in our society has dramatically increased since 1942. 75 years on since his report; the panel will discuss whether Beveridge’s concern with poverty now needs to be extended to include a concern with richness.

  • Disabled Living

    Disabled Living; Train the Trainer moving & Handling

    5 day course open to Professionals that have the responsibility for carrying out manual handling risk assessments and training. This extended course is designed for workers with experience of Moving & Handling People together with a responsibility for training others in safer handling skills.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    Who Cares?

    The subject of care is now a central political concern. The consequences of longer lives and new expectations about universal participation in paid work have produced new questions about the ways in which care – for all ages and situations – can be provided and organised.

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