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Healthcare & Medical CPD Events in March 2018

  • MA Exhibitions

    National Lymphoedema Conference

    5th National Lymphoedema Conference: ‘Increasing patient motivation and enhancing self-care’ will bring together the leading specialists in the discipline to present and inspire discussion on the issues and debates that are most relevant to lymphoedema treatment and research today.

  • Salford Professional Development

    Palliative Care Conference

    Join us for the End of Life Care Conference where speakers from across the health and social care sectors will discuss how we can deliver services that are both compassionate and high quality. Learn how to improve the quality of end of life care; see how individual health budget and a more personalised approach and can put patients in control and understand how community based care can ease the pressure on hospitals.

  • MA Exhibitions

    11th National Wound Care Conference: Patient Focused and Outcome Driven: Consolidating the Core Attributes of Tissue Viability

    An opportunity to share and exchange ideas with the leading practitioners in the field. An insight into clinical issues such as chronic burns and maggot therapy. An understanding of how to involve patients in decision-making and promoting self-care. An update on the NHS Improvement curricula for tissue viability.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Hip Fracture Summit 2018

    This important and timely conference will focus on improving care for hip fracture patients – learning from the 2017 NHFD findings and improving progress against the NICE quality standard for hip fracture. 

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Nurse Prescribing for Pain

    Chaired by Sue Jenkins Treasurer The British Pain Society & Senior Lecturer (Centre of Medical Education Cardiff University) –  this important national conference provides an essential update for current and aspiring nurse prescribers on prescribing for pain

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Non-Medical Prescribing for Pain

    Chaired by Sue Jenkins Treasurer The British Pain Society & Senior Lecturer (Centre of Medical Education Cardiff University) –  this important national conference provides an essential update for current and aspiring non medical prescribers on prescribing for pain.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Falls Prevention and Management in Older People

    This conference focuses on falls prevention and management in older people/reducing falls and harm from falls and monitoring progress against the National Quality Standard.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Self Neglect and Adult Safeguarding

    This national conference will focus on the difficult issue of self neglect and adult safeguarding through extended interactive masterclass sessions supporting practical learning.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Clinical Audit Summit 2018: Clinical Audit for Improvement

    Chaired by Carl Walker Chair National Quality Improvement & Clinical Audit Network (NQICAN) this summit focuses on clinical audit for improvement with a particular focus on the development of effective local clinical audit leading to audit recommendations that change practice and improve patient care.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Difficult Encounters Masterclass

    Difficult Encounters is a masterclass for health professionals who would like to understand more about the art and science of communication

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Developing the role of the Nursing Associate

    This conference will update delegates on the Nursing Associate role – understanding the elements of this new role and how the role will be delivered in practice.

  • NPAG- Thames Management Services

    Theatres & Decontamination Conference

    A one day conference with exhibition for NHS and private sector Theatre and Decontamination managers.Collaboration is the focus of the conference to achieve improved patient experience.

  • Medilink East Midlands Limited

    MPD Training Course: European Medical Device Directive basics and transition to the Medical Device Regulation

    This one day training course by Medilink East Midlands together with Medical Device Consultancy will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the European MDD and MDR basics and the differences between the two.

  • Barts Health NHS Trust

    Paediatric Primary care Allergy Study Day

    The children’s allergy team at the Royal London Hospital will provide a one-day course covering an introduction to aspects of allergy seen in primary care. The course will provide practical allergy teaching focused on history taking; effective and appropriate treatment and referral guidelines.

  • RCNi


    Jobs Fair Manchester will bring together leading employers including NHS trusts; hospitals; private healthcare organisations; care homes; armed forces and many more from across Manchester and the UK to provide career development and job opportun.ities within the nursing sector.Visitors will also have the chance to attend our free seminars and workshops where you will gain insight into revalidation; preceptorship; emotional resilience; CV writing & identifying your strengths to improve your interview skills.

  • The Health Foundation

    Scrums; Sprints & Stories: Agile Project management and how it can help QI?

    To gain a basic understanding of Agile project management; to see how software is developed first-hand; to learn about Mayden and its work in mental health; and to be able to apply some Agile principles to QI projects. QI and Project Management go hand-in-hand. This visit will introduce Qs to a new way of managing a project based upon principles that will be familiar to them – iterative learning; value to the customer; reflection and understanding complexity.

  • Medilink East Midlands Limited

    MPD Training Course: Clinical Evaluations; Pre and Post-Clinical Studies

    This one day training course by Medilink East Midlands together with Orca Solutions will focus on Medical Devices: Clinical Evaluations; Pre and Post-Clinical Studies.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    NHS Complaints Summit 2018

    This National Summit focuses on delivering a person-centred approach to complaints handling/investigation/resolution and learning.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Safe Staffing Summit: A Practical Guide to Safe and Effective Nursing Staffing Levels and Skill Mix

    This National Safe Staffing Summit focuses on delivering safe and effective nurse staffing levels and skill mix in practice

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    MASTERCLASS: Applying the Care Act – making legally literate decisions about personal budgets

    The aim of this one day masterclass is for participants to improve their ability to make decisions about what is a sufficient budget to meet needs – that represents good outcomes for the individual and value for money by understanding how local authorities are sometimes applying the Care Act 2014 in ways that can be considered as unsatisfactory and may be unlawful.

  • E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems SA

    SDCA - Swiss DolorClast Academy - training course

    Training on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in theory and practice.

  • E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems SA

    EMS Electro Medical Systems S.A

    Training on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in theory and practice.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    Considering the impact on professionals when a child dies

    When your work brings you into contact with child death; it is impossible not to be affected. This workshop aims to provide an opportunity to reflect on the impact this work has on you.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    Considering the impact on healthcare professionals when a child dies

    When your work brings you into contact with child death; it is impossible not to be affected. This workshop aims to provide an opportunity to reflect on the impact this work has on you.

  • NPAG- Thames Management Services

    Theatres & Decontamination Conference

    One day conference that covers Regulations and Standards Updates and Improvements in Practice.

  • NPAG- Thames Management Services

    Theatres & Decontamination Conference

    One day conference that covers Regulations and Standards Updates and Improvements in Practice.

  • National Autistic Society

    Understanding Autism for Managers

    This training course will give you a greater understanding of autism (including Asperger syndrome) and increase your confidence in your ability to manage your employee with autism effectively. Through group exercises and materials you will learn more about autism as well as the correct phrases and terminology. You will have the opportunity to meet other managers of employees with autism and discuss the different ways autism can affect somebody in the workplace. The training will identify management strategies that can help to prevent or address any issues in the workplace.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    A Practical Guide to implementing New National NICE Quality Standard for Parkinson’s Disease

    This National Conference will focus on Implementing the New NICE Quality Standard for Parkinson’s Disease. Through national updates/practical case studies and expert extended interactive sessions the conference will support you to improve care for people with Parkinson’s Disease in your service.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Caldicott Guardian Training Course

    Facilitated by Christopher Fincken (Independent Member UK Caldicott Guardian Council / Chairman 2012-2017) this one day training course about Caldicott Guardian Principles has been developed to provide both practical and appropriate training for experienced Caldicott Guardians as well as their deputies and others involved in delivering the Caldicott Guardian Function in a wide range of Organisations.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Root Cause Analysis Review & Quality Assurance Masterclass

    This masterclass which is designed for commissioners and providers who are responsible for the quality assurance of incident investigation reports aims to improve the quality and consistency of RCA investigations by providing guidance on common challenges to those who are responsible for monitoring and feedback. 

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Digital Imaging 2018: Radiology Information Systems and PACS

    This one day conference will examine how to work with digital imaging/radiology information systems and PACS to deliver the national ambition of a paperless and filmless NHS – improving imaging services and timeliness.

  • M Square Media

    Aesthetic Medicine Live

    Aesthetic Medicine Live is an annual conference and exhibition held at Olympia London. The event is designed for aesthetic professionals including doctors; nurses; dentists; plastic surgeons; dermatologists and hair restoration surgeons.

  • Haddenham Healthcare

    Management of Lymphoedema with Kinesio Tape

    This one day event covers all aspects of treating the patient with lymphoedema using Kinesio taping methods.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Presentation Skills Masterclass

    The masterclass is designed to provide an increased understanding of the skills and techniques required to deliver dynamic presentations.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    IV Therapy Summit: Improving quality and safety including effective IV Therapy at home (OPAT)

    This one day national summit focuses on advancing IV Therapy including ensuring adherence to the revised RCN Standards for Infusion Therapy and monitoring adherence to the NICE Guideline and Quality Standards for IV Therapy.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Advanced Nursing Practice & Credentialing

    This National Conference will focus on developing and demonstrating Advanced Nursing Practice; and meeting the criteria laid down by the Royal College of Nursing in 2017 to gain the RCN ANP through the credentialing process.

  • Salford Professional Development

    Blue Light Services Conference 2018

    Join us for the Blue Light Services Conference 2018 where leading experts will reveal the latest innovations in delivering safer and more efficient services. Authoritative voices from the worlds of policing; fire; and ambulance services will discuss the latest innovations; analyse best practice and anticipate the challenges of the future.

  • Salford Professional Development

    Managing Medical Errors – An Overview of the Law Relating to Negligence and Consent to Treatment

    The NHS aims to prevent clinical negligence; but where it does occur; we should learn lessons to improve patient care as a result. We need to provide incentives for healthcare professionals to report mistakes and near-misses. This training aims to clarify what constitutes medical negligence and explain its impact on both patients and the NHS and why candour is so important.

  • Health & Safety Executive

    Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Summit 2018

    The health and safety of workers is at the heart of everything that HSE does. Tackling work related ill-health like MSDs; which impact on so many people’s lives both in and outside of work; is therefore an obvious priority. MSDs are the most commonly reported cause of occupational ill health in GB; affecting many workplaces; arising from different work activities and resulting in a variety of ill-health outcomes. HSE’s sights are firmly set on achieving significant improvements in preventing and controlling exposure to MSDs.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Psychological Therapies in the NHS

    We are pleased to announce The New Savoy 11th Annual Psychological Therapies in the NHS Conference on 21st & 22nd March 2018 at the Millennium Conference Centre London: A New Deal for Depression: Happy 70th Birthday NHS! Don’t miss this years event to hear lively debate and discussion around Psychological Therapies/the new NICE guidance for Depression and staff wellbeing following the annual survey with the British Psychological Society.

  • Asb Aspire LLP (on behalf of Headway Hurstwood Park)

    Brain Injury Connections - family matters!

    This conference is aimed at all practitioners working with brain injury sufferers. The focus will be on highlight some of the wider concerns affecting brain injury patients and their families/carers; such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; the role of the family in rehabilitation; communication issues and funding.

  • MA Exhibitions

    Journal of Health Visiting Conference: Key principles of health visiting: An integrated approach

    This year’s conference focuses on putting public health evidence into practice and will include: Keynote: Delivering the Healthy Child Programme through collaborative working. The future for local authority early years services. Housing and homelessness: Families in crisis. The importance of play in early childhood. Clinical supervision and ethics in health visiting. Midwives and health visitors: inter-professional working. Immunisation uptake. Understanding allergies in children.

  • Salford Professional Development

    Mental Health Improvement Conference

    Join us for Improving Mental Health Provision where experts from across the health and social care sectors will explain how to improve services and raise standards. Understand how health leaders can facilitate meaningful improvement; study examples of best practice in mental health; analyse the findings of the new care model vanguards and anticipate how the latest policy changes will impact your organisation.

  • SynMed

    Clinical Training Seminar- Impedance/pH Reflux Testing

    To support users to develop their existing practice and to understand both the clinical application and indications for reflux monitoring; including the technical differences between impedance and pH-metry. In the practical session the trainees will have the opportunity for ‘Hands on’ practise; to examine; read and report on a variety of case studies. The attendees will then be able to discuss and compare their findings with the trainers.

  • North East London NHS Foundation Trust

    Section 12 Approved Doctor Refresher Course

    Section 12 Approved Doctor Refresher Course (under the Mental Health Act 1983)

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Eliminating Heel Pressure Ulcers

    Chaired by Tina Chambers Past Chair Tissue Viability Society this national CPD conference focuses on a practical guide to eliminating heel pressure ulcers and improving care and treatment in your service. 

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Masterclass: Human Factors Principles + Improvement Science = Better Outcomes

    The aim of this 1-day masterclass is to learn more about how human factors and improvement science can help you deliver better outcomes

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    The Caldicott Guardian in General Practice Summit

    We are pleased to announce the National Caldicott Guardian in General Practice Summit. The conference will be chaired and has been produced in association with Christopher Fincken (past Chair and member of The UK Caldicott Guardian Council) and will include national developments and local case studies of how the role is developing in primary care.

  • Salford Professional Development

    Salford Institute for Dementia Conference 2018

    Join us at the Salford Institute for Dementia Conference to hear the latest developments in dementia care and support; and examples of best practice from leading organisations across the health and social care sector. You will have the opportunity to question; discuss and debate the very latest policies; projects and emerging models of care; as well as sharing your own stories and experiences with the conference and contributing to wider thinking about dementia in England.

  • AbbVie

    South West Advanced Parkinsons Therapies Update 2018

    An Educational update on developments in Parkinsons Disease with Parkinsons UK service; The Concept of Advanced Parkinsons disease; how to search patients in the system and Therapy updates in both case studies and robot procedures. Also Psychology with regard to PD patients – anxiety and depression.

  • Society for Applied Microbiology

    Early Career Research Symposium

    Career Scientists 7th Annual Research Symposium will be held at the University of Birmingham with a focus on Epidemiology and Infection Control. The symposium aims to bring together microbiologists; epidemiologists; public health researchers; academics; practitioners and most importantly early career scientists and undergraduate students. The symposium is a forum for those who wish to exchange and share their experiences; ideas and research on all aspects of epidemiology and infection control. The Symposium will also include a public engagement workshop given by the team at Sense about Science.

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