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Use our CPD event calendar to find upcoming industry events to attend to help support your CPD requirements

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International CPD Events in March 2018

  • The Big 5 Saudi 2018

    The Big 5 Saudi will provide free CPD accreditation to the visitors. This event will cover General Construction Overview; Project Management; Sustainability; Architecture and Design

  • Wood Tech & Design Expo 2018

    Wood Tech & Design Expo workshop will provide free CPD accreditation to the visitors. We would like to provide certification on the following topics: Sustainability in Construction Woodworking Wood Design in Construction How to redesign the woodwork production in order to minimize cost within having the same final look Interradius the Digital design era with the Example of materials and meaning Essentials of Project Management Towards Net-Zero Energy using Wood in Saudi Housing. Managing PPP in Saudi sustainable construction market.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    Migration and the City

    Migration is integral to the cultural and economic life of cities. Yet as we live in a migration milieu in which migrants are rendered as illegal subjects and where migration processes are reduced to crises at national border points. This event explores the relation between cities; migrants; and migration systems.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    A Better World is Possible - The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Social Progress

    David Sainsbury will be talking about his lifetime of philanthropy.

  • IRDG (Industry Research + Development Group)

    IRDG Lean Product Development Programme

    Lean Product Development (LPD) focuses on the elimination of waste in all facets of the product development and innovation process. It provides a very practical tool-kit for better; faster; cheaper execution of product development projects. IRDG’s Lean Product Development offering stands on it’s own in Ireland. Approved for funding support by Enterprise Ireland and IDA; this practical & proven programme is already adding real value for companies doing Research; Development and Innovation. Designed for an Irish audience by our expert team; in collaboration with Ron Mascitelli (global LPD thought-leader); the programme takes all the benefits of lean; and applies them in a very thoughtful and relevant way to the changeable; dynamic nature of the innovation world. The result is an approach which fits right in with existing product development processes; and can be applied in any sector; boosting current activities.

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