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Legal CPD Events in March 2018

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    International Law and Literature

    The novel in the twentieth century has become for many writers a vehicle for social justice and human rights. It has highlighted stark poverty and social injustice. It has brought to the fore sexual and racial discrimination. It is clear what the parallels are for international human rights law. Joseph Slaughter specialises in literature; law; and the socio-cultural history of the Global South. He is particularly interested in the social work of literature; and how it interacts with problems of social justice; human rights; intellectual property; and international law.

  • The Prysm Group

    Legalex & Cyber Security Expo

    Numerous seminars and masterclasses over two days covering effective firm management; the latest law tech; new industry regulations; effective marketing activities; effective cyber security; and more. Full 2018 agenda will be released near the event.

  • The University of Notre Dame

    Notre Dame London Law at 50: Cruel and Unusual Punishment; Pulling the Medical Mask off the Lethal Injection

    Reprieve Director; Maya Foa; discusses how for decades; lethal injection has been the lynchpin of the U.S. capital punishment system. By lending the process a mask of medical legitimacy; this method of execution has preserved the pervasive myth of the humane execution; and has helped maintain public and political support for the continued use of the death penalty. Behind the mask; however; lethal injection is just as brutal as the gas chamber or the electric chair. Conducted using experimental drug cocktails administered by untrained prison officials; lethal injection was recently described by one Supreme Court Justice as “the chemical equivalent of being burned at the stake”.

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