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Media CPD Events in May 2018

  • TXF

    TXF Africa 2018

    TXF Africa 2018 is a highlight of the calendar for the Pan-African export; project; agency and commodity finance communities. Interactive sessions and social events make it the perfect place to meet business partners and discover long term investment opportunities in the region.

  • Business Reporter

    Digital Content Summit 2018

    This event is designed to provide cross-industry best practice advice for digital content management; particularly in relation to changing audience expectations; new channels; and increasingly sophisticated brand management strategies.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science


    ‘To philosophize is to learn to die’; writes Michel de Montaigne; in a lineage of death-preoccupied thinkers reaching back to Plato’s Socrates. Can philosophers fulfil such a lofty injunction? How might learning to die teach us how to live; or how to live-on while mourning another’s death? We bring together practitioners and thinkers to discuss how medicine; technology; art; and philosophy might make a good death possible.

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