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Finance CPD Events in July 2018

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    Adam Smith: what he thought; and why it matters

    At a time when economics and politics are both increasingly polarized between left and right; this book; Adam Smith: What He Thought; and Why it Matters; which Jesse Norman will discuss at this event; returns to intellectual first principles to recreate the lost centre of public debate. It offers a Smithian analysis of contemporary markets; predatory capitalism and the 2008 financial crash; it addresses crucial issues of inequality; human dignity and exploitation; and it provides a compelling explanation of why Smith is central to any attempt to defend and renew the market system.

  • Clariden Global

    Applying AI and Analytics for Better Risk; Fraud; Audit; Legal and Compliance Management

    This conference will gather thought leaders and professionals from risk management; technology & innovation; audit; corporate governance; legal and compliance to discover unparalleled insights; networking opportunities; exclusive workshop and innovation showcase for a deep understanding of the game changer AI-powered risk and fraud management. You will find out how to deploy AI technology and maximize its benefit in your risk and fraud management framework as well as build potential unique collaborations with tech start-ups to stay competitive in a world of disruptions.

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