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Engineering CPD Events in September 2018

  • ICE Training

    Technical Report and Business Writing

    Training on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in theory and practice.

  • ICE Training

    ICE BIM for Infrastructure

    The result of a unique collaboration between the ICE BIM Action Group and Government’s BIM Task Group; ICE BIM for Infrastructure is a leading BIM training programme in the UK. The two day syllabus embeds the Task Group’s framework for learning and development outcomes; and takes the delegate through each aspect of BIM in detail: data; application; contractual and insurance. It delivers clarity on how to integrate and apply BIM across projects. Successfully complete this and the BIM Implementation- Putting People first training to earn the ICE Certificate for BIM.

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Primary Gears Workshop

    This workshop supports the Primary National Curriculum for Science. It offers an opportunity for engineers and technicians to build links with their local communities; develop their communication skills and make a positive contribution to the engineering knowledge of children.

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Foundation Day

    The course will include an Introduction to Gears Part 1: Gear Fundamentals; Law of Gearing; The Involute Form; Power Transmission; Motion Control; Gear Types – Features and Benefits. It will also include an Introduction to Gears Part 2: Noise & Load with Modes of Failure (Bending; Pitting; Micro-Pitting; Scuffing; Wear) Gear Rating methods; Application Factors; Gear Lubrication; Noise & Vibration basics; Transmission Error. Finally; an Introduction to Gears Part 3: Gear Manufacture Gear is included with Material Specification; Gear Manufacturing Methods (Forming; Moulding; Machining; Hobbing; Shaping; Shaving; Honing; Grinding and Finishing); Heat Treatment and Gear Measurement.

  • NPAG- Thames Management Services

    Clinical Engineering Conference 2018

    Annual Conference. Benchmarking & Networking Activity

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Noise & Transmission Error Management

    This seminar will include Sources of Gear Noise and Definition of Transmission Error. The Gear Design for Low Noise it will cover includes TE spur gears; TE helical gears; The relation of TE to contact ratios and the concept of integer contact ratio; the effect of misalignment on tooth contact; approaches to designing gears for low TE and TE in planetary gears. The Noise Signals information covered is tooth passing frequencies; gear pairs; planetary gears; run out; generation of side bands and ghost frequencies and their origin. Practical aspects of noise measurement are considered in order to correctly diagnose the cause/source of the noise; it’s necessary to correctly identify the frequency.

  • ICE Training

    Principles of Construction Contracts

    Available in two formats: Two day classroom training and 90 minutes eLearning. This insightful training course offers delegates the following unique combination of benefits: Delivered in clear; easy to understand language avoiding unnecessary legal jargon. Applicability in an international context; Completion of the programme may contribute to your IPD/CPD requirements.

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Cutting & Measurement

    The Seminar will cover basic involute gear theory; terms and definitions for spur and helical gears. It will include an introduction to the involute form and its construction/tables; calculations on these; practical work on the measurement of gears including calculations on chordal tooth settings for gear tooth Vernier; constant chord settings to gear tooth Vernier; base tangent micrometer settings; distance over rollers measurement and basic principles of gear hobbing and shaping. Practical work will involve setting up and producing spur & helical gears by hobbing and shaping using a Maxicut 2A shaping machine and Sykes H150 hobbing machine.

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