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Military CPD Events in October 2018

  • Royal United Services Institute

    RUSI Whitehall Paper Launch

    Security in Northern Europe: Deterrence; Defence and Dialogue. This event will discuss RUSI’s latest Whitehall Paper; edited by John Andreas Olsen; and examine the challenges to the security of Northern Eur.ope in the face of Russia’s military build-up. The volume looks at how key NATO allies can respond to the changing strategic situation through a successful mix of effective deterrence; a credible ability to fight; and constructive dialogue with Moscow

  • Royal United Services Institute

    UK Future Combat Air Strategy.

    The government has been reviewing the future combat air strategy for the UK; based on the need to replace Typhoon in the 2030s. An extensive programme of work has been conducted in government on the future requirement; coupled with significant consultation with industry; academia and the country’s international partners. This panel discussion will examine the operational capability needed in the future and the skills and resources required to deliver a UK combat air strategy.

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