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Engineering CPD Events in November 2018

  • ICE Training

    ICE BIM for Infrastructure

    The result of a unique collaboration between the ICE BIM Action Group and Government’s BIM Task Group; ICE BIM for Infrastructure is a leading BIM training programme in the UK. The two day syllabus embeds the Task Group’s framework for learning and development outcomes; and takes the delegate through each aspect of BIM in detail: data; application; contractual and insurance. It delivers clarity on how to integrate and apply BIM across projects. Successfully complete this and the BIM Implementation- Putting People first training to earn the ICE Certificate for BIM.

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Heat Treatment of Gear Steels

    Philip Clarke will describe the heat treatment of gear steels. The basic metallurgical concepts and key principles; the enhancement of surface properties by carburising and induction hardening will be explained. The properties imparted by; and the consequences and problems of the chosen process with reference to material selection; distortion and growth will be covered with the aid of case histories. The Seminar covers an introduction to steel heat treatment – metallurgical principles; hardening & tempering; carburising; an introduction to nitriding; nitro-carburising & other surface treatments; Laser & Electron Beam Hardening; induction & flame hardening; problem solving – low/high hardness; case-depth and controlling distortion.

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