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Information Technology CPD Events in November 2018

  • Qatalyst Global

    Industrial Iota Europe

    Industrial IoT is decisively moving from a possibility to a necessity and as the technology matures we must move from asking “what if?” to “what next?” This Summit will inspire you and bring you the practical expertise needed to take that step forward. Companies are looking to Industrial IoT to reduce unplanned downtime; increase productivity and enable a transition to service-led business models. We are bringing together forward-thinking companies from Manufacturing; Infrastructure; Energy and Transportation so we can collaborate on the Industrial IoT revolution. This Eliot Summit is highly content driven; with an incredibly low vendor: delegate ratio; allowing for intimate networking opportunities for every attendee. Each attendee is encouraged to interact via cohort orientations; roundtable discussions; interactive case studies; ‘speed dating networking’ and sit down meals. With an extensively researched agenda; tailored to industry-specific requirements by a steering committee of industry experts; attendees can expect the most up-to-date topics to be addressed and to take away key action points to improve outcomes at their firm.

  • Fitch Learning

    Quant Insights Conference 2018

    This event will: develop delegate’s understanding of AI and the use of data and machine learning in finance; Help learners to learn about the latest techniques used by industry practitioners; provide practical examples of techniques incorporating AI and machine learning in trading; portfolio management and risk management.

  • Digital Health

    One London

    One London was named in May as one of five Local Health and Care Records Exemplar to pioneer linking and sharing records across the capital. Some Ł7.5m of national money will be matched by Ł7.5m of local money to achieve this vision at scale in London. This one-day Digital Health Networks Best Practice event will provide the chance to hear from the leaders of a cross section of the organisations involved in the partnership how One London plans to deliver joined up health and care for 8m Londoners.

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