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Business CPD Events in January 2019

  • London School of Public Relations

    Press Release Writing

    A practical and hands on course that focuses on improving your press release writing skills. Delegates will be taught the fundamentals of press release writing including the 5 W’s of Who; Why; Where; What and When. The course will also cover: understanding the media; how to create excellent contacts with the media; getting the structure and balance of information right within a press release and how to make your press releases stand out from others.

  • London School of Public Relations

    PR & Reputation Management Diploma

    PR & Reputation Management 5 day intensive course providing an overview of the key concepts branding; communications strategies; CSR; risk & crisis management; reputation management and social media & online marketing

  • London School of Public Relations


    Brand Management 3 day intensive course teaching you how to manage brands in an age of social media and covering important issues such as intellectual property; brand benefits; purpose and brand narratives

  • London School of Public Relations

    Risk & Crisis

    Risk Management 2 day intensive course on preparing and defending a brand from reputational risks and investigating the importance of pre-crisis planning

  • London School of Public Relations

    CSR & Sustainability

    CSR and Sustainability 2 day intensive course covering corporate sustainability and its links with business strategy and important concepts such as corporate philanthropy; ethical consumerism; social capital and socially responsible investment; resource efficiency and global codes of conduct.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Business Strategy for PR

    The main focus and intent of the course is to provide delegates with a rapid overview of what are considered important and relevant techniques and strategies for business analysis that can be applied to their current roles.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Copy Editing

    1 day intensive course will allow you to spot errors quickly and have the confidence to rewrite everyday text into concise; precise and compelling editorial copy at high speed

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